Restaurant owners meet with the state about third-party delivery

Cleveland – Laurie Torres strategically puts a label on every order to go to her Mallorca restaurant in Cleveland. It’s a trick I’ve learned to keep orders from being messed up during delivery.

What you need to know

  • Restaurant owners met with the state health department about improving food safety conditions with third-party delivery services
  • Some owners messed with third party delivery drivers or even ate customer food
  • Certain types of food have a safe temperature range and a window for when they can be eaten

“If someone tries to tamper with this, it will rupture. Once opened, it is difficult to re-close,” Torres said, explaining how containers work.

Torres said it’s necessary because there have been cases where a third-party delivery driver has messed up or even eaten some food.

Local health departments regulate food hygiene and safety within restaurants. For example, kitchen staff learn how to handle food safely, how long to keep it, and the temperature.

Torres said such concerns get out of her hands as soon as she leaves her restaurant, and by someone she doesn’t hire and doesn’t know his qualifications.

“They have to get some kind of training that you need to keep your car at that temperature. You need to use an insulating bag with all the food. You need to make sure you get to where you belong within a certain amount of time.”

She said she met with the Ohio Department of Health to request requirements for third-party delivery drivers. Spectrum News has reached out to the state health department for comment; Nobody responded.

Gina Nicholson-Kramer is supervising a study on third-party food delivery at The Ohio State University. She said that food delivery drivers are usually not trained in how to properly handle food while it is being delivered. She said there should be some regulations in place.

“In the past there were no regulations for third-party delivery companies regarding licensing,” Nicholson Kramer said.

Besides stickers, Torres has other protections in place. They also timestamp receipts so customers know when a meal has left the restaurant.

“We know if they called and said I just received my delivery and if he leaves the house at 2:30 and they don’t get it until 4:15, we know this is a problem with a third party delivery service,” Torres said. .

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