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The pet food market in Taiwan is expected to develop at a CAGR of 7.40% in terms of value during the forecast period 2022-2026. It is also expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 3.21% in volume terms during this period.

The increasing importance of pets in families is a major factor in market growth. The demand for health care products, beauty products and branded apparel, as well as natural and premium products is increasing. Statistics show that Taiwanese pet owners are more likely to handle their pets more carefully. For example, they are increasingly choosing special foods that are specifically designed to meet the special nutritional needs of their pets. This has led to an increased demand for premium and superior quality pet food.

Main topics covered:

1. Taiwan Pet Food Market – Summary

1.1 Defining the market

1.2 Market size and forecast

1.3 Aspects of market leadership

1.4 Limiting aspects of the market

1.5 Key Players

2. Outlook for the pet food industry in Taiwan

2.1. Impact of COVID-19 on Taiwan’s pet food industry

2.2. Market share analysis

2.2.1. eat the dog

2.2.2. cat food

2.3 Brand engagement analysis

2.3.1. eat the dog

2.3.2. cat food


2.5 Key Purchase Criteria

2.6. Value chain analysis of the pet food market

3. Taiwan Pet Food Market – By Animal Type (value in millions of dollars and volume in kilotons)

3.1. pet dog food

3.1.1. Pet food for dogs – by category dry pet food (dogs) wet pet food (dogs) Handlers and mixers (dog)

3.1.2. Pet food for dogs – according to price range economy (dog) average price (dog) Premium (dog)

3.2 Pet food for cats

3.2.1. Pet food for cats – by category dry pet food (cat) wet pet food (cat) Treatments and Mixers (CAT)

3.2.2. Pet food for cats – according to price range economy (never) Average Price (CAT) premium (kat)

3.3 Other pet foods

4. Taiwan Pet Food Market – By Distribution Channel (Value in Million Dollars)

4.1 in the store

4.2 Veterinary clinics

4.3 E-commerce

5. Competitive landscape

5.1 March Petcare Ltd

5.1.1. Overview

5.1.2. product portfolio

5.1.3. Strengths and Challenges


5.2.1. Overview

5.2.2. product portfolio

5.2.3. Strengths and Challenges

5.3 Isco

5.3.1. Overview

5.3.2. product portfolio

5.3.3. Strengths and Challenges


5.4.1. Overview

5.4.2. product portfolio

5.4.3. Strengths and Challenges


5.5.1. Overview

5.5.2. product portfolio

5.5.3. Strengths and Challenges

6. Methodology and Scope

6.1 Research scope and deliverables

6.1.1. Objectives of the study

6.1.2. Study scope

6.2 Data Sources

6.2.1. Primary data sources

6.2.2. secondary data sources

6.3 Scientific Research Methods

6.3.1. Suggested Market Evaluation

6.3.2. Selecting data sources

6.3.3. Assessment of market determinants

6.3.4. Data collection

6.3.5. Data Verification and Analysis

mentioned companies

  • Mars Becker Ltd.

  • Hill Pet Nutrition Inc

  • Isco company

  • Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd.

  • Fwusow Industry Co., Ltd.

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