These SF restaurants rank as the highest rated and most trusted by DoorDash

While indoor dining is back for most Bay Area restaurants, there are still many people using third-party food delivery services like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats to enjoy their favorite restaurants at home. In June, DoorDash revealed its list of the 100 most-loved stars in the United States for 2022, two restaurants in San Francisco made the cut, as well as others in Oakland, San Rafael, Palo Alto and others. The annual ranking highlights not only the top-rated restaurants that use the DoorDash platform, but also favorite places to serve when it comes to quality, efficiency, and reliability.

According to DoorDash, “the list of the most beloved stars is even more impressive – less than 1% of restaurants on the platform qualify.”

Grilled shrimp with avocado and mango salad at One Wan Thai.

Wan Wan Tai / Yelp

DoorDash takes into account customer ratings from April 2021 to April 2022 to create its final list of popular restaurants, and everyone must achieve “Most Liked” status for at least 10 months to be considered for the final honors. In addition, merchants with five or fewer stores that received “Most Liked” status for 12 consecutive months were ranked by the average overall customer rating “with a US Top 100”.

See if your favorite Bay Area restaurants have cut back below:

One Wan Tai
2922 Diamond Street
San Francisco

Established in 2017, this family-owned business sources ingredients from farmers markets in the surrounding area when possible. Popular dishes include mango and cherry blossom sticky rice, pad thai and mango prawns.

Sarn Jin Bao in Shanghai dumpling in San Francisco.

Sarn Jin Bao in Shanghai dumpling in San Francisco.

Eileen Way. / meet

Shanghai dumplings king
696 Monterey Blvd.
San Francisco

Crispy lollipop chicken drumsticks, fried dumplings, steamed xiao long bao and the varieties of dumplings seem endless at Shanghai Dumpling King on Monterey Boulevard. “There are very few restaurants I would drive to out of town, but this is definitely one,” Gabby E. said on Yelp. “A friend showed us this place and we had a big group so we ordered about 18 dishes. Honestly you can’t go wrong, everything was great.”

129 Lytton Ave.
Palo Alto

An equal mix of vegetarian and meat-studded dishes adorns the menu at Palto Alto’s Darbar, which explores North and South Indian cuisines. Customers rate mutton or vegetarian biryani as the top favorite, served with dal and raita. Darbar first opened in 1995 and has been serving Indian amenities for nearly 30 years.

original little joe
393 W Portal Ave.
San Francisco

Pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and grills are served straight from San Francisco’s Little Original Joe’s. “The chicken dish made on local Akme Ciabatta rolls, here is huge enough for two meals,” Amy C wrote on Yelp. “And given that the sandwich itself is $12.50, which is definitely something you wouldn’t condone within city limits these days, that’s a big deal.”

Saj Paneer from Lotus Cuisine of India in San Rafael.

Saj Paneer from Lotus Cuisine of India in San Rafael.

Michael S

India Lotus Kitchen
812 Fourth Street
San Rafael

Lotus Cuisine India is one of the many restaurants run by Surinder Sroa and his family. Surinder with his wife Linda Sroa and their son Jyoti first opened this beloved restaurant in 1998. If you’re wondering which dish to try first at this family-run establishment, look no further than Jyoti’s favorite: Paneer Tikka Masala.

Shana Thai
311A Moffett Street.
Mountain View

Putting the same care into the very dishes they will be serving their families, the owners of Shana Thai have managed to build a solid reputation for quality and freshness over the years. Popular menu items include tom kha soup, Thai basil chicken stir-fry, and chicken skewers.

Shandong Restaurant
328 10th Street

It has been said that the San Franciscan will be driving to Oakland to sample the handcrafted dumplings at Shandong Restaurant. So it’s no surprise to see them grace this list. Besides the dumplings, I personally enjoy the Chicken Lotus, which is minced chicken, chili, bell pepper, onion and garlic served with a big chunk of iceberg lettuce to make a wrap.

The Bogie at Stuft Pizza is a meat lover's dream with pepperoni, salami, ground beef, sausage, and ham.

The Bogie at Stuft Pizza is a meat lover’s dream with pepperoni, salami, ground beef, sausage, and ham.

Lauren B

Pizza Classes
1426 Dempsey Road

Serving Milpitas since 1976, Stuft Pizza was founded by Jack Bertram, who has gone on to perfect his Italian pie recipe for his 40 years in business. Notable pizzas on the menu include the baked meatball pie with golf-ball-sized balls, and the Bogie, a meat-lover’s dream with a mixture of ham, pepperoni, sausage, salami, and ground beef.

Kingdom of Taiwan porridge
20956 Homestead Road Suite 1A

House specialty chicken, steamed halibut with soybeans and napa cabbage with mushrooms and dried shrimp are some of the customer favorites at Taiwan Porridge Kingdom in Cupertino. It’s a restaurant known for its generous portions as well, so you can eat plenty of leftovers for a couple of days to spice up your sad office lunches.

herbal tea
2980 AH. Capitol Expo Suite 50
San Jose

There are endless flavor combinations at Tisane when it comes to delicious tea-infused beverages. Kiwi to My Heart with heart-shaped strawberry jelly and green oolong tea, as well as Two to Mango with oolong tea, mango jelly and smooth mango puree are customer favorites.

Chicken Katsu at Delicious Hawaiian BBQ in Pittsburgh.

Chicken Katsu at Delicious Hawaiian BBQ in Pittsburgh.

Harvey K

Delicious Hawaiian BBQ (160 Atlantic Ave)
160 Atlantic Street.

Crispy chicken katsu, masobi spam, creamy pasta salad and more are served in huge portions to go at Ymmy Hawaiian BBQ in Pittsburg. Michael H. wrote. On Yelp: “Quantities are incomparably huge for $12. Two full scoops of rice. A scoop of mac salad. So there’s plenty of chicken/beef/shrimps/fish for one dish.” “And my pictures don’t do the parts justice.”

right house
2300 Sand Creek Road Suite G1
Another Hawaiian restaurant that revolves around the DoorDash menu is Yummy House in Brentwood With its sticky short ribs, combinations of roast beef, salmon, and ahi-tuna bowls, hearty portions seem to be the norm. MaryAnne A. writes on Yelp: “The food is never cold or empty, the order on the door panel always makes me nervous because sometimes food places are really low on with their portions, but not this place.” “I had edamame rice, wings, salmon teriyaki rice bowl, and rangoon. The vegetables in the rice bowl were very good!”

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