White Bison and twice daily to serve ready-to-drink canned coffee in stores

Nashville-based Tri Star Energy, the parent company of convenience stores White Bison Coffee and Twice Daily, has partnered with Snapchill™ Coffee to offer new ready-to-drink canned coffee, catering to the needs of fast-paced guests. Canned and unsweetened black coffee will be available in outdoor coolers inside White Bison Coffee and Twice Daily.

Snapchill™ is a patented coffee making process that involves brewing hot and instantly cooling coffee, allowing coffee makers to extract all the flavors from the beans and produce coffee with bolder flavors and aromas. Immediately cooling and canning the coffee helps preserve its flavor, since it has not been diluted with ice or other cooling methods.

The new White Bison Snapchill™ coffee will feature White Bison Coffee’s Wilderland roast, medium roast nutty, aromatic and the brand’s most popular blend.

“We are keen to enter the ready-to-drink coffee market and bring Twice Daily guests and consumers who purchase other branded coffee beverages to White Bison Coffee,” said Steve Hostetter, CEO of Tri Star Energy. “The new Snapchill™ coffee is the perfect choice for cold brew lovers looking for a bold and delicious option on the go.”

In addition to its new Snapchill™ coffee, White Bison Coffee offers signature and expertly roasted coffee drinks – featuring drip coffee, single source brew, cold brew, nitro coffee, hot and cold espresso drinks, seasonal brews and more. Guests can also enjoy fresh pastries and handcrafted breakfast and lunch items, including sandwiches, salads, and snack boxes at the bistro.

Twice Daily’s premium offerings range from ready-made snacks, including organic brands, to a selection of basic groceries. There is also a fresh deli box with handcrafted and healthy options including fruits, sandwiches, salads and snacks. Additional offerings include freshly baked cakes and pastries, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and an expansive beer cave featuring local and craft beers.

For more information and continuous updates on White Bison Coffee, visit www.whitebisoncoffee.com and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For Twice Daily, visit www.twicedaily.com.

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