Wicho’s House Restaurant offers Tex-Mex and more in Grapevine

Food is always cooked in the kitchen of Tony Grapevine’s family home. The family consists of siblings Jason, Jessica, Kimberly and Brandon. parents Anna and Jose Luis; and family friend Santiago Juarez Pedraza.

Tony’s family took the dishes they made in their home kitchen and combined them with their expertise in the food service industry as well as their passion for serving others. They opened Wicho’s House in 2018 in North Richland Hills. Business slowed just before the COVID-19 pandemic, so the family decided to move to a new location.

“We have lived in the Grapevine for about 15 years,” said older brother Kimberly, who has worked as a server and waiter at other restaurants. “We’ve noticed a gap in the food industry in the area, and we have trouble finding options with a large menu so everyone in our family can find something they like.”

The family decided it made sense to bring home cooking to their hometown of Grapevine in 2021. They describe their food as “Tex-Mex and more” because the menu is rooted in traditional Latin dishes and includes American dishes.

“We are known for our chilaquiles, enchiladas, and beef fajitas for Mexican or Latin dishes,” Kimberly said. “Then we have the American dishes: Cajun pastas, Texas burgers, fish tacos. Everything derived from the American side is from my dad’s experience at the restaurant, and it’s all on my mom’s Latin side. That’s why we call the place Tex-Mex and more.”

The four siblings, the youngest of whom is 14, work in front of the house, manning the waiting tables and running the restaurant, while their parents and Pedraza prepare dishes in the kitchen. Kimberly said Tony’s siblings called Wicho’s House, because in Latin America “Wicho” is a nickname for Luis, part of their father’s name.

“When I was a kid, my mom taught us he’s not a client in business,” said Jose Luis, who has more than 30 years of experience in corporate kitchens. “He is a guest. Everyone who comes to Weizhou’s house is a guest, and I showed it to my children as well.”

The family classifies the restaurant as “your second home” on its Facebook page. The restaurant is a kitchen to scratch, which means dishes are prepared one by one from the freshest ingredients, according to Anna, the mother of the family.

“Our stacked kitchen is a mix of food from Central America and everywhere,” said Anna. “Our food is for the neighborhood.”

Wicho’s House Restaurant, 2100 W. Northwest Highway, Ste. 2307, Karma. 682-271-4131. www.facebook.com/wichoshouse Hours of Operation: Tue. 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Friday – Sunday. 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., 5-8 p.m.; Monday. Closed

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