Attention coffee drinkers – the latest model of the Ember mug is already on sale with 20% off

Even though summer is just beginning, you can always find the best deal on out-of-season essentials. You’ll likely find a better price than you might at the start of the season. Fortunately, Best Buy is running holiday-like deals right now during Black Friday at its July sale event. And there are a few items you might want to check out in preparation for winter.

When the temperatures drop, a few things are bound to happen. Winter coats come out of the back of the closet, stay a bit inside, and all you want are hot drinks. However, if you drink slowly, that warm cup of coffee can turn into a cold or lukewarm drink for what feels like a drop from a hat.

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Say goodbye to those days thanks to the new version of the top rated self-heating mug. Ember Mug’s got a replay, and that’s just what you need to get this activity in your stride every morning. You’ll never have to drink cold coffee again – we promise. In addition, this cup warmer is useful even in the summer while the air conditioner is fully running.

Ember² Smart Temperature Control Mug

Photo: Ember.  Credit: Ember.

Photo: Ember. Credit: Ember.


Ember – Smart Temperature Control Mug²

$119.95, Originally $149.95

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The Ember 2 Temperature Control Smart Mug is the innovative gift to treat your coffee-obsessed friend – or even yourself. Right now, you can only save $30 on the blue version thanks to Best Buy’s flagship sale.

With a battery life of 80 minutes, your drink will easily stay warm all morning – and 80 minutes is the shortest amount. If you stay on the ship, you can stay warm literally all day.

And customers everywhere can’t stop talking about it The new self-warming mug. One Best Buy reviewer said, “I love the way my coffee reaches the perfect temperature, and how it maintains that temperature for the duration of my drinking. I also love that it changes colours. [I] We highly recommend this mug. I will never go back to normal again.”

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