Austin’s farm-focused food festival returns to the field this fall

Austin’s premier farmers-focused food festival is back in its second year with a larger lineup than the all-sold-out launch event in 2021. With a mission to educate, raise, and celebrate the local food, farmers, and chefs who make Austin one of the most amazing food towns in the country, Guide Fest brings together Field Austin come together to explore the path of food from seeds in the soil to dishes on the table through the experiences of food, beverage, agriculture, and wellness.

This 2022 iteration features new immersive events for 2022, including Ploughman’s Picnic at Peeler Farm on September 10, At The Pass on October 1, and the Field Guide Festival at Fiesta Gardens on November 12.

The festival is led by Lindsey Sokol of Blue Northern Life and Trisha Bates of Urban American Farmer, a women-founded festival. Working alongside Philip Speer of Comedor as Head Chef and Robert Björn Taylor as NA Beverage Curator, the carefully choreographed festival celebrates our Central Texas diet, and showcases collaborations between farmers and beloved chefs in Austin.

“In our second year of Field Guide, we are offering guests a fresh food experience that focuses on where their food comes from through the close collaboration of local chefs and farmers,” said co-founder Lindsey Sokol. “We want guests to leave with an understanding of where and how our food is prepared to help value and appreciate our local diet and culinary community.”

Field Guide Festival partners with the Central Texas Food Bank as a long-term, nonprofit community partner, earmarking a portion of the proceeds to support their incredible work in increasing food security for our community.

In addition to the return of the eponymous Field Guide event on November 10, two additional fall events will introduce fresh new ways to engage with local chefs, farmers, and makers throughout Central Texas. Plowman’s Picnic will take place at Peeler Farm in Floresville, Texas, on September 10, and will feature both well-known and lesser-known Texan culinary stars such as Cured, Confituras, HiFi Mycology, Abby Jane Bakeshop, and many more.

Cowboys from Peeler Farm will welcome guests to the pastures, where they will spend the evening surrounded by the farm’s large herds of cattle, sheep and young water buffalo as they graze on green and gold pastures. Featuring local Charcuterie and Peeler Farm beef, dinner will highlight the culinary talents of Chef Jorge Hernandez of San Antonio’s Emma Hotel as well as Scott Ballew’s musical musings for a sunset performance.

In just a few weeks, At The Pass will go from farm to town, taking place in downtown Austin for a lively evening where local chefs showcase their culinary mastery, explaining the kitchen shortcuts and pro tips that will change the way you prepare food in your kitchen. The full chef’s menu, location, and more details about this new must-attend event will be released soon.

In the meantime, head over to for more information on this one-of-a-kind festival focused on the future of the local food system. Last year’s tickets sold out in record time, so be sure to sign up sooner rather than later for a chance to meet and celebrate the people behind your local food while eating and drinking the vibrant flavors unique to Austin.

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