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New Delhi, July 11 (IANSlife): Coffee is an absolute pleasure as a drink. It is a feeling, a celebration of all that is good in life. Coffee lovers will nod in agreement. Sipping a fresh cup of coffee in an elegant café while listening to soothing jazz sounds like the perfect time every coffee connoisseur craves.

Coffee is a staple of the Kiwi diet and the basis of the 9-to-5 workday. As a result, Kiwis are connoisseurs of their favorite black beverage.

Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, is a coffee-obsessed city with the highest concentration of coffee shops in the country. Kiwis have plenty of options to get their coffee, from artisanal quiet cafés to coffee on wheels and more.

With that said, here are some of the best cafes/bistros in New Zealand to relax and enjoy a hot hot cup of:

Havana coffee

Havana Coffee Works HQ is housed in a 1959 Art Deco building in Wellington. The avocado green exterior has frenetic, cool, crazy and beautiful interiors run by a great crew. They are affectionately known as People’s Coffee and enjoy working with clients who share this belief. In Havana they believe in beautiful, organic, ethically traded brewed coffee. The mugs used are e-coware and, where possible, they always use hand-sealed brown paper bags like the first day they roasted in 1990. Manufacturers say there’s no mystery — but there is certainly a fascinating one about Havana.

Evil twins

The Evil Twins, Stephanie and Natalie Chin are coffee art lovers and have always wanted to work in a coffee shop, but without a degree or license, how do you get started? When their son-in-law Victor rented a creative space, the perfect opportunity arose. At the front of his studio was a kitchen and sticking out of a window that opened onto Vivian Street, Wellington. That’s when the idea for Evil Twins took off. After months of research, renovating the venue, obtaining food certification, closing the name and brand, and practicing their coffeemaking skills, they are finally ready to open shop in March. These 21 year old identical twins are known to have some of the best coffee in Wellington. Pampered with options, one can choose from a range of funky drinks such as triple shot latte, matcha love, double chocolate or peach iced tea jars.

The guard cafe

Sentinel Cafe makes trips to business in Hamilton’s CBD a little better. Offering an expertly crafted menu, quiet décor, and even executive meeting rooms for hire, it’s the perfect place to meet colleagues. From bright open spaces complementing warm wood accents to lush greenery and rattan chairs, the interior is sure to buzz and energize you to take on your weekday hard work emails. Speaking of coffee, they have some of the best drinks in the area. Pair it with the popular Cinnamon Drum for a great combination.

Bow & Tie, Auckland

Bow & Tie Auckland is a tiny little roaster, who has a coffee mania like geeks. They offer meticulously crafted, artisanal coffee flavours, which are roasted daily in small batches to get the best possible product. Their goal is to consistently roast and blend exceptional coffee, which can be enjoyed as fresh and as exquisite as possible. Besides being passionate about coffee, they are also passionate about the environment. Bow & Tie does everything possible to help our declining planet and reduce our waste, wherever possible.

With New Zealand’s borders reopening in August, visit New Zealand to try these amazing coffee shops.

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