Fellow Stagg Kettles is in the Westworld Universe

Westworld, HBO’s sprawling futuristic tale of will – or – won’t – (to be robots), returns for another season. After a very popular first season and an enjoyable second, last season was truly a masterful lesson in beautiful filming, with sharks leaping flawlessly from what prestigious TV had never seen before. The show is messy and messy, and confusing as it is in and of itself, but it can be hell of a good time.

And so I’m back on a show that I know deep down will only let me disappoint, telling myself it’s going to be different this time, because this time I gave the show a three-episode start to let the reviews tell me if I should put my heart on the line again. Of course, they were all deceived too, so hesitantly I dipped my toes in the mud, waiting for a sign, an omen, anything to tell me I did the right thing, this time will be different. And what do I see in the first 15 minutes of episode one but the gorgeous deep green Fellow Stagg kettle has a wooden handle. Just like this, you’re back to my darling!

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For those of you who haven’t seen the show, and bless you for it, Westworld is set in a sci-fi future where artificial intelligence has reached a point where robots can pass quietly as real humans; They’re a bit more advanced than our current bots, who are still trying to learn not to spill a cup of coffee. They are supposed to be relegated to a garden where rich humans can go to act out in any form of unspeakable imagination, but in the end, the robots are tired of the torment and eventually rebel, taking control of the garden and escaping from their prisons. At this point, I can’t even really tell you who a robot is, who a human is, or whether the robot’s body is still inhabited by the same “consciousness” as we think.

In Season 4, we’re back in the real world, where we meet a person/robot who looks a lot like Dolores from previous seasons, played by Evan Rachel Wood, now as Christina and live a kind of civilized if not ordinary life. But even a boring life cannot be filled with nice things, like an elegant-looking kettle. And so, while we’re still trying to wrap our heads around what’s going on even about exactly who Wood plays this, she strolls her roommate Maya (Ariana Debus), who makes herself a nice cup of something infused and hot with which she brings a forest green Stagg kettle. It sure says something about the aesthetic, which is that the product that debuted in 2015 is seen as modern enough to be at home in the distant future in style.

Leo Meme
Me when I saw Comrade Stagg in Westworld

Silly as it may sound, I got very Excited when I first discovered it, like the time I saw Ben Medansky’s mugs and drippers on that first episode of High Maintenance. It’s back to my early days in specialty coffee, when I’d see someone in a smart shirt or Stumptown in the wilderness and get dizzy, finding someone else in that big secret that was specialty coffee. Granted that this is not the case. The fellow has raised millions on Kickstarter and recently another $30 million in Series B funding; Its popularity has skyrocketed and its products are easy to find in home goods stores and in America at department stores like Nordstrom, so it makes sense that they’d be in the kettle of choice for the stylish TV show. Still, it’s always fun for your seemingly small world to carve out a much bigger world.

And this is definitive proof that, contrary to what a south-southwest revitalization might think, there is actually coffee in Westworld.

[editor’s note: Welp, they already spit the bit on the coffee setup in episode two. A Chemex knockoff? Really?! Fake people, fake Chemex.]

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