How to use coffee to dye your sneakers

Imagine this: You are sitting at your favorite coffee shop. Someone walks up to you, looks you in the eye, and pours their medium sized drip coffee all over your sneakers. You’d be upset, wouldn’t you? Now imagine paying for a new pair of sneakers, ordering your own coffee and then giving them the same treatment. Instagram sneaker customizers are starting to do just that, and now, many are following along.

Meet Jake Polino, for example, who goes to @jakepolino on Instagram (265,000 followers), TikTok (2.1 million followers), and only Jake Polino on YouTube (355,000 followers). He made 12 videos of his coffee kicks death, and garnered over 200 million views across all of his channels. In them, he mostly customizes Air Force 1s, and the shoe seems to be easier to dye than others. The most popular colorways are, for example, all-white, which is an ideal starting place.

How to dye your sneakers with coffee

Here’s the short version

  1. Remove the shoelaces.
  2. Acetone the entire sneaker, taking care not to overexpose it. The solution shouldn’t get on your hands either. Put on gloves.
  3. Spray 30 ounces of Cafe Bustelo into a bathtub or bucket.
  4. Fill it with boiling hot water.
  5. Dunk your sneakers and secure them to the bottom with bricks or rocks.
  6. Remove it after two hours.
  7. Re-tie the shoes once they are air-dry. (If you want coffee-dyed laces, soak the laces, too.
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      For more details, watch the master in action:

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      At the beginning of a video he posted at the end of 2021, Paulino said, “I’m tired of this? I’m sick of this? My mom wants a pair of coffee for the Air Force. I’ve done it so many times… I haven’t done anything I want to do. People are like, Make me a coffee shoe! Make me coffee shoes!” I’ve been making coffee shoes every day for a month.”

      And it makes it look easy. Early on in his videos, he showed how messy the process can be, but with the right amount of Cafe Bustelo, you can turn a standard pair of white Air Force 1s into beige designer boots. He sells it in limited quantities, but he didn’t maintain his recipe quickly. It was revealed over and over again, in almost every video.

      “First, you have to take acetone in everything—the leather and the rubber. Make sure it’s as even as possible,” he says in the video OFFICIAL COFFEE AIR FORCE 1 TUTORIAL. Don’t do this without first removing your sneaker laces. Acetone is the peeling compound in nail polish remover, but nail polish remover rarely contains more than 60 percent acetone. On the other hand, acetone is 100 percent acetone.

      It is strong, smelly and slightly dangerous. When you rub it into your sneakers, do so through an open window with the laces removed. Don’t rub for too long, though. If overexposed to light, the materials on the sneaker can begin to break down, destroying the dye draft before it even begins.

      This content has been imported from TikTok. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

      Next, Polino puts 2.5 cans (25 ounces) of Cafe Bustelo into a large tub, which is ideally taller than sneakers. Fill it with boiling hot water – it makes the coffee kinda hot. Next, submerge the sneakers. Bolino often uses bricks to weigh down, which works but the rocks will do the job. or dumbbells. Let the sneakers soak for two hours, then rinse them in the sink. Finally, let them air dry until they are well dry and then reattach them.

      Its appearance is good. Student work – also known as the shoes made by his followers – looks almost the same, but these don’t come with the signature Paulino touch, the oversized eyelets with natural threading. For now, at least in the comments section, as its source is still a secret.

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