“Insult” a restaurant job attracts Ire

An image of a restaurant’s “insulting” job ad has sparked viral outrage on social media.

The photo first appeared on Reddit six months ago. However, Redditor u/Holdingtrue reposted it on the Reddit forum “Mildly Infurating” on Sunday, garnering more than 30,000 upvotes and thousands of comments from users criticizing the restaurant.

Some have also used the post as an opportunity to vent about the “extremely low” federal minimum wage in the United States for tipped employees.

An image of a restaurant’s “insulting” job listing sparked viral outrage.
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Federal minimum wage

As it stands, the federal minimum wage for tipped employees in the United States is $2.13 an hour, according to the US Department of Labor (DOL). However, many states require higher amounts of wages.

In California, Oregon, and Washington, business owners are required to pay the full minimum wage to their tipped employees before tipping. The current minimum wages in Oregon and Washington are $12.75 and $14.49 an hour, respectively. Meanwhile, California’s minimum wage ranges between $14 and $15, depending on the size of the company.

still, real simple Last year I reported that the “vast majority” of states allow workers to earn a “minimum wage”. And in many cases, tips make up more than 60 percent of the server’s total revenue.

moderate anger

According to the recirculated job advertisement, which appears to be plastered on the door of the unidentified restaurant, the establishment was looking to hire a few servers.

The job paid $2.13 an hour and the servers required to work day and night shifts, weekends, and overtime. Job “benefits” included tips, an employee discount, and a “referral program.”

The list concluded with “submission within”.

Shocked that the restaurant only offers the federal minimum wage, u/Holdingtrue wrote: “$2.13 an hour. No wonder they’re looking for help.”

Redditors’ reaction

Several commentators have criticized the restaurant’s menu, calling it “insulting”.

“The advice is listed as a ‘benefit.’ It is insulting and ridiculous,” u/Panbi94 wrote.

u/Love_God551 replied: “I also absolutely love that overtime and weekends are mandatory. Good luck. This place should have a closed banner soon, in my opinion.”

u/Djidiouf wrote, “What the hell is this post doing at r/middlyinfuriating? This is so infuriating.”

Others simply criticized the country’s minimum wage laws.

“The minimum wage for workers who receive tips like waiters is very low,” u/PicaresqueWolf said.

u/Mech-Monkey said, “How can the US call itself a first world country and offer such wages? Even here in the UK, the minimum wage for an adult is $11.50.”

u/Dazzling_Work546 added: “MURICA. Why bother paying employees when you can ask customers to “tip” them? “

Other viral moments

On the topic of tipping, a Redditor sparked a heated discussion last month after revealing that he had recently returned an “insulting” tip to a customer. TikToker also went viral last month telling viewers that she once embarrassed a customer into giving her better advice. Meanwhile, in January, the itinerant customer received widespread support after saying that “culture change” was “out of control”.

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