Miami-Dade Restaurant with Rodent Problems Wasn’t Ordered to Close? why?

MIAMI-DADE County, Florida. Why haven’t state inspectors closed with the Department of Business and Occupational Regulations ordering places with rodent and cockroach problems in Miami-Dade County?

It seems as if the rules and regulations are not applied equally.

Last week, rodent issues were found inside the Encanto restaurant in Miami and they got a warning.

Indeed, according to the records, when one of the inspectors came back for a re-inspection, the droppings of the rodents were still in the establishment, yet they were still allowed to work!

On the other hand, PDQ in Deerfield Beach was ordered to close due to a fly problem.

10 local news overshadowed the numbers.

From January 1, 2021 to the end of June 2021, 10 places for rodent issues in Miami-Dade County have been ordered to close.

So far this year, there has been only one closure in Miami-Dade of the rodent issue.

We asked the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Why the discrepancies?


We are waiting for a response.

The department said in the past:

High priority violations that could result in an emergency closure are assessed on a case-by-case basis in terms of their threat to public health and safety. Decisions are based on several factors including the proximity of high-priority violations to food-related activities and other aggravating and mitigating circumstances. Inspections that reveal violations that pose a potential imminent threat to the public are dispatched to the Division Headquarters office for further assessment, which may result in an emergency shutdown being issued when necessary. Emergency closure decisions are made by department management and are not issued at the discretion of the inspector.”

All places I ordered closed were allowed to reopen after cleaning and re-inspection.

*** Charm Restaurant

2148 NW 17TH AVE.


Inspection date 7/5/22


5 violations were found (not closed by order, at the discretion of the department’s management)

“Rodent activity is present as evidenced by the finding of rodent droppings. Approximately 25 rodent excrements were observed in the lower cabinet at the front desk.”

“Ice ladle handle on contact with ice. Operator moved ladle handle over ice.”

“The non-food surface is dirty with grease, food debris, dirt, mud or dust. The hood openings are dirty above the grill.”

Recheck 7/7/22 The same violations still exist

From the initial examination: Rodent activity is present as evidenced by the detection of rodent droppings. Approximately 25 rodent droppings were observed in the lower cabinet at the front desk. **Warning** – From follow-up examination 07-07-2022: At time of callback examination Nearly three rodent litters were observed under the front counter opposite the coffee station.”

*** PDQ

3333 West Hillsboro Blvd.

Deerfield Beach

Closed on 7/6/22


4 violations found

“Living small flying insects in the kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area and/or bar area. 5 small flying insects were observed in the dining room landing on table tops. 8 small flying insects were observed in the dessert station landing on a layer of dessert. 4 small flying insects over a delicate bag in the setting area. Approximately 20 small flying insects were observed on the walls and ceiling in the setting area.”

“Stop selling issued due to food product fraud. I noticed 8 small flying insects at the candy station landing on chocolate sauce and M&M’s.”



Hallandale Beach

Inspection on the basis of complaint

Closed on 7/5/22

9 violations found

“1 dead rodent stuck in glue trap under shelf in dry storage room. Storage room in room separate from kitchen/cooking line.”

“Rodent activity is present as evidenced by finding rodent litter. 1 rodent falls to the floor, baseboard side in cooking line, next to bread rack. 2 rodent litter on floor under shelf in dry storage room.”


“Dead cockroaches on the premises. Two dead cockroaches on a glue trap under the shelf in the dry storage room. “

“Small live flying insects in the kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area, and/or bar area. 5 small live flying bugs flying around the mop sink into the chemical storage room.”

*** Al Saprosito Company



Inspection date 7/7/22

24 violations found (not closed at the discretion of department management)

“Roach activity is present as evidenced by the presence of live crickets. Watch a live roach crawling on the floor next to the sandwich station at the front desk, and one live roach under the three-chamber sink located at the front desk.”

“Dead cockroaches on the premises. In a cupboard next to the entrance to the kitchen, a dead cockroach was observed, two dead under the coffee machine located at the entrance to the kitchen in the kitchen. ”

Time/temperature control for food safe, other than whole roasted meats, heated below 135°F. In the hot storage unit at the front desk, ham and cheese empanadas (122F – Hot Holding); chicken empanadas (123F – Hot) Holding).At the front counter at the steam table, yucca cooking with pork chops (102 F – Hot Holding) was observed; sweet bananas, cooked (103 F – hot). The employee reheats the food.”


“The food was not stored at least 6 inches off the floor. Walking in the cooler, he noticed a bucket with raw chicken stored on the floor.”

“Inside the oven/microwave there is a build-up of black matter/grease/food residue. Oven and microwave are in the kitchen.”

“Stocked food not covered. In the kitchen at hand in the radiator next to the oven was observed raw bacon in an uncovered pot. The employee covered the food.”

“A buildup of black/green mold-like substance inside the ice maker/ice box.”

“Dishwashing disinfectant solution exceeding the maximum allowable concentration. 3CS chlorine disinfectant has been observed around 200+ppm. Explain to the employee how to properly set up the tool wash station and disinfectant solution.”

“Raw animal food stored over/not properly separated from ready-to-eat food. Reaching the cooler in the kitchen next to the oven Note raw eggshells over a bottle of mustard, Ranch.”



16010 NW 57 AVE.

Lake Miami

Inspection date 7/8/22

6 Violations (unauthorized closing, department management discretion)

“Roach activity is present as evidenced by the presence of live cockroaches. Two live cockroaches were observed crawling on the wall behind a three-compartment aquarium.

“On-Time Sale/Temperature Control Stopped for Safe Food Due to Temperature Abuse. Spotted Beef (66°F/58°F – refrigeration) inside the walkway in the cooler from the previous day according to the operator

Control the cooked/heated time/temperature for safe food that has not been refrigerated from 135°F to 41°F within 6 hours. Marked beef (66°F/58°F – refrigeration) kept inside the walkway in the cooler from the day before According to the operator.

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