New restaurant workers union in Genoa could change workers’ rights in Los Angeles

Food workers unions are on the rise, and Los Angeles workers have made major advances that could affect restaurants here and beyond. Korean and Latino workers in Genoa ratified their first union contract in June, which advocates say could become a model for immigrant restaurant workers in Los Angeles and beyond.

In 2020, the California Labor Commissioner’s Office cited the owners of Genwa Korean BBQ restaurant for violating labor laws that affected 325 dishwashers, servers, and chefs at their Beverly Hills and Mid-Wilshire locations. The $2.1 million fine (which was later reduced in a settlement) was imposed as punishment for work violations such as no rest and meal breaks, unpaid overtime, and less than minimum wage pay.

For decades, restaurant workers across Los Angeles have accused owners of exploitation through wage theft and abuse. The NBC News story reported that the agreement between Genwa workers — which includes employees at all three Genwa restaurants in Los Angeles — includes healthcare reimbursement, rehiring workers laid off after February 2020, salary increases, seniority rights, sexual harassment training, retirement plans, and equal distribution. To tip and conflict resolution process. It is possible that with the implementation of this new labor agreement, restaurant workers in the city may have a new standard for wages and working conditions.

Bobby Flay in Los Angeles

It’s always nice to see Los Angeles restaurants get some love, especially in the form of Food Network shows featuring Bobby Flay and his daughter all over the California coast. Bobby and Sophie on the coast The LA hotspot features Jitlada, Salt’s Cure, Mashti Malones, and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Streaming on Discovery+ starting August 22nd, reporting deadline.

Chilean grasshopper croissant

The LA Taco crew ventured to Cha Cha Chá in the Arts District for the perfect Los Angeles story. They sampled the restaurant’s croissants made by the Salvadoran-born chef in Watts who owns Needed Bakers, featuring a chili/grasshopper croissant. It is available for brunch.

How Hanchic and Holy Basil reshape the scene

Los Angeles food writer Andy Wang wrote an article for The Robb Report in which he suggests that the Asia-owned and operated Hancock and Holly Basil “represent the future of Asian-American food in Los Angeles”.

Bastille Day Celebrations in Los Angeles

If you’re planning to celebrate French Bastille Day in Los Angeles, head to Simonette at Palihotel Culver City on July 14 for all-day menus. Reservations are recommended. Ospero from Wolfgang Puck also celebrates Fête Nationale Française with a special menu. Beverly Hills newcomer Velverie Cafe and Teahouse is also jumping into today’s festivities, too. Tesse also has a $65 fixed price list.

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