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Crosby – A new restaurant, called Drunken Noodle, will be part of the Cuyuna Range offering in a renovated building on Crosby’s Main Street.

30 West Main LLC’s business partners, owners of Crosby Lofts and Rafferty Building, have announced the signing of a lease agreement on a new building with Thamrong “Keng” Dechawuth, owner of Thai restaurants The Drunken Noodle in Fargo, North Dakota, and Tara Thai in Bemidji.

Crosby’s new Dechawuth Thai Restaurant will be in the soon-to-be renovated building at 102 West Main Street and is scheduled to open in early 2023. The new venture will be called Drunken Noodle and will feature a fresh and traditional Thai restaurant made with locally sourced ingredients, as well as other innovative dishes from Southeast Asia, according to a press release.

Architect drawings show the new Drunken, which will be located at 102 W. Main St., Crosby.


West Main’s 30 partners extensively surveyed their Crosby Lofts guests, as well as their social media across the entire local area, and state, revealing the need for local Thai/Asian food. According to 30 West Main partner, Nick Summers: “The results in the restaurant category showed that the majority of responses wanted Thai/Asian food to be available in the Cuyuna area. When we reviewed Thai/Asian restaurants in northern Minnesota, we learned about Keng and his famous restaurants in Fargo and Bemidji. We knew his food would be well suited that would benefit CCSRA (Kuuna Country Recreation Area) and the region year-round.”

An art display showing the interior view of the planned restaurant.
An architect’s drawings show a drunk’s new pasta, placed in the soon-to-be-renovated building at 102 W. Main St., Crosby.


Dechawuth is a native of Thailand and came to the United States to study electrical engineering at the University of Southern California in the late 1990s and graduated with a degree

Master’s degree in 2000. However, he soon found his true passion in the restaurant industry and in 2009, he opened Drunken Noodle in Fargo, followed by Bemidji.

“I’m excited about the opening of the new restaurant in Crosby – it’s going to be a fun family restaurant,” Deschoth said in the press release. “Whether you eat in the restaurant or you eat in the restaurant, our plates will be good, fast and comfort food. Mountain biking in this area and quiet lakes are some of the things I love about Minnesota and I know that visitors and residents will enjoy our food.”

Artistic view of the building's exterior and Drunken Noodle game.
The authentic Thai restaurant is expected to open early next year at 102 W. Main St. The 109-year-old is in Crosby.


It is said that Dechawuth and his staff are already looking forward to enjoying the variety of outdoor activities that the Cuyuna region has to offer, from vacationing with their families, to learning mountain biking, or going fishing.

“My husband Doug and I have so many memories and happy times in this area,” said Susan Arndt, partner at West Main 30. “It’s an amazing recreation area in the state – the perfect concentration of serene forests and lakes – not unlike BWCA, but different. It has trails and lakes and yet it’s only two hours from town. We love seeing the creative ways people have fun – from ADA (Americans with Disabilities) ) Access with adaptive cycling for disabled vets and others who can now cycle or hike the trails, to families of all ages cycling or walking, enjoying this safe haven.”

When Dechawuth and his wife, Farrah Crosby, recently explored, they were also fascinated by the rise of cities in the Cuyuna region, due to the Cuyuna Country State Recreation

The area and nearly 70 miles of natural-surface mountain bike trails that attracted 119,000 mountain bikers in 2021. Both are excited to open their authentic Thai restaurant in the 109-year-old 102 West Main building, according to the news release.

“There are many types of pasta/pasta dishes that are common in every country and culture,” Deschoth said. “In my dishes, I enjoy bringing balanced flavors together – salty, sweet, tangy, umami/savory. I always try to cook with local sources or seasonal ingredients, and have started growing my own mushrooms – oyster mushrooms, gourmet mushrooms – which can be healthy options. to be included in the list.

30 West Main is expanding its existing eight rooms at Crosby Lofts with eight additional rooms on site 102 West Main. Building 102 will have a second-floor deck and outdoor seating on the sidewalk, as well as indoor seating for the Drunken Noodle.

30 West Main LLC is actively seeking a commercial retail tenant for another 2,300 square feet of space on the main floor of 102 West Main that will attract residents and visitors to the Cuyuna area.

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