PITA Mediterranean Street Food launched a mobile app

PITA Mediterranean Street Food, the fast-paced, made-to-order Mediterranean franchise, has added another option to improve its customers’ experience. A mobile app is now available, giving guests a new opportunity to customize and order fresh and healthy PITA favorites.

Nour Rabie, founder and CEO of PITA Mediterranean Street Food, says we are constantly looking for ways to elevate our customers’ experience. “Now through our partnership with Lunchbox, it’s even easier for our guests to receive our made-to-order Mediterranean food, giving more flexibility in the ordering process.”

With the new app, beta customers can order from any device using the easy, dynamic platform. Available on Apple’s iOS and Android platforms, the mobile app allows guests to order from select locations, earn rewards on every purchase and receive exclusive promotions like limited-time offers and more.

“Our goal is to provide PITA’s customers with a seamless digital ordering experience and allow food to shine. PITA’s focus on quality and passion for food has led them to become an exceptional destination for delicious and authentic Mediterranean cuisine, and we are here to help give their customers a convenient way to access it,” As Lunchbox CEO, Nabil Al-Amghair says, “With the support of Lunchbox’s omni-channel ordering product, loyalty platform and marketing engine, PITA can take ownership of their digital storefront and drive traffic to the most profitable channels.”

When PITA guests use the new app, they can take advantage of the built-in, credit-based loyalty program and earn one point for every dollar spent. Rewards will be awarded for every 50 points earned. Customers will receive $5 subscription credit on a purchase of $25 or more, making it easy to build rewards for more delicious meals, bowls, and salads served across all beta locations.

“We created this app to simplify the ordering process for our customers,” Rabea says. “Whether they order their food online or via the app, the system is easy to use, providing another layer of options for our customers’ experience.”

The new Pita app seamlessly transitions to the desktop, so guests can order their favorite dishes no matter where they are. These customers may also order from select sites, earn rewards on every purchase and receive the same promotions and exclusive items offered on the mobile application.

Guests can download the PITA Mediterranean Street Food app to order delicious menu favorites such as feta and olive appetizers, spreads such as red peppers, hummus, shatah, baba ghanoush, gyro street pitas, shawarma dishes, French fries, falafel and fresh salads. A selection of customizable bowls.

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