Register for a culinary weekend at this heritage hotel in Rajasthan

Sample Awadhi fare and Hakka cuisine seated in a heritage hotel in central Aravallis this month. Alila Fort Bishangargh in Rajasthan is set to host a culinary weekend featuring food from different parts of the world. The heritage property, known for its Rajput food cooked over sand pits, is attended by two home-cooks in Kolkata who specialize in Chinese cuisine from Hakka and the Valleys. Scheduled to be held July 30-31, the pop-up will be open to guests staying at the property as well as visitors who drive.

Among the chefs, Kolkata-based Catherine Chong who runs a home kitchen serving Hakka fare, hosts dinner at the hotel. The chef has perfected the kitchen for years through recipes handed down through generations, friends and family members of the community living in different parts of the world, from southern China and Hong Kong to Canada and Kolkata. The menu that goes beyond Hakka noodles will adapt to Indian ingredients in Chinese-style cooking. Scallion dumplings, Typhoon-style fried rice, twice-cooked tofu with black beans and leeks, Xinjiang toothpicks, 24-hour-marinated pork belly, and chicken en papilot (chicken marinated in wine and wrapped in parchment paper) are just some of the many dishes. in the list.

Braised Eggplant with Chef Catherine Chong

Chef Seema Ahmed, who also operates a home kitchen in Kolkata, will trace her culinary roots from medieval Yemen, reinventing ancient Awad cuisine. Food is influenced by the migration route from Yemen to India, extending through Persia, the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Think of the heirloom recipes and secret spice blends used to prepare Faizabadi chaat (aloo tikki, palak patta and sonth ki chutney), sabz chaman (bottle squash stuffed with dry fruits, pomegranate seeds, and koya) and zamindos ran (a tender leg of lamb cooked underground, flamed with monk). The old man is served with yakhni pulao). Wash it down with cocktails and spirits curated by the master bartender.

Room tariff, including dinner and breakfast, starts from 24,000 rupees per night for double occupancy. Dinner starts from 5,000 rupees per person. the book over here. Alila Fort Bishangath is a 60 km drive from Jaipur and a 200 km drive from Delhi.

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