Swap out high-cholesterol items with these 5 healthy options

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Replacing high-cholesterol snacks with healthy food options has several advantages. We can certainly achieve a disease-free life by replacing our cholesterol-rich diet with fiber and nutrient-rich options. Foods rich in soluble fiber not only help reduce cholesterol absorption in the body, but also aid in the process of flushing out this fatty substance from the body.

A healthy diet should include foods rich in soluble fiber, fruits and vegetables, plant protein and whole grains. While there are many options that could easily fit the bill, we’ve narrowed the list down to five items that can easily replace the high-cholesterol snack options you’re accustomed to. Here are our options:

Apple with nuts

SUMMARY: A quick no-cook recipe that’s high in good fat and fiber

You don’t have time to cook something: don’t worry and keep it simple with an apple and a mix of almonds, walnuts, and raisins. This energy-packed snack option contains loads of soluble fiber with an extra dose of healthy fats, omega-3s, and antioxidants. It will also keep you full until dinner and is the perfect recipe for keeping recurring hunger pangs at bay. Alternatively, you can opt for a multigrain protein bar but make sure it’s high in protein instead of sugar or an artificial sweetener.

Pros and Cons: High in carbohydrates and good fats. However, the fiber content is not good.

Crushed Potato Chips (50% less fat)

Summary: The perfect snacking companion for health and fitness enthusiasts

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up your love of chips. The trick here is to choose healthier options like chips instead of fried. TagZ Popped chips contain up to 50% less fat than regular chips and are an excellent choice when it comes to enjoying snacks in a completely guilt-free way. Moreover, you can choose from different flavors or variants and let your palate enjoy the snacks without stressing your conscience.

Pros and Cons: Guilt-free snacks with significantly less fat and no downside

broccoli salad

SUMMARY: A powerhouse of vitamins and minerals with an extra boost of fiber

Adding a healthy dose of green leafy vegetables is essential to living a healthy life. The vegetable prevents cholesterol absorption and also helps the system flush toxins from the body. For a quick snack option, a broccoli salad is just what the doctor orders. You can customize the salad by adding more veggies (spinach, kale, etc.) and adding chopped onions, sliced ​​tomatoes, boiled corn and a spoonful of mint sauce – looks delicious, doesn’t it? On top of that, you can top this salad with some delicious dip that can take its taste to a whole different level.

Pros and Cons: Packed with antioxidants but the taste may not be good for everyone

Smoothie with vegetable milk

Summary: A delicious and filling way to quench hunger pangs

Reward: good value

No list of healthy foods would be complete without juice. Just toss some sliced ​​bananas, berries, nuts, and ½ cup of plant-based milk into the blender and you’ve got your perfect 4pm snack in no time. The high antioxidant nature of berries keeps cholesterol low while bananas add a boost of energy to the smoothie. On the other hand, plant-based milk will also provide the much needed dose of protein to complete the micro- and macronutrient profile of this very healthy snack option. You can pair this smoothie with some chocolate cigars for an extra boost of sweetness and luxury.

Pros and Cons: Tasty and rich in carbs and calories

Roasted lotus seeds

Summary: Indian superfood with countless benefits

Lotus seeds are an excellent source of calcium and a powerhouse of vitamins, and are among the superfoods with an array of health benefits. The snack option is also quite filling and keeps you satiated for a long period of time. For a quick preparation, simply roast 100g of lotus seeds in a pinch of Desi ghee (not oil) and turn off the flame once the seeds start to turn a little brown. Sprinkle with a little salt and add some ground curry or mint leaves to give the recipe extra flavor. You can complement it well with some calorie controlled cookies to double the fun and happiness of indulging in healthier ways.

Pros and Cons: Excellent nutritional profile but a little higher cost

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