A couple who split nutritional influences are under attack for trying a new recipe

The couple who have been out in the rain for an hour hoping to get a taste of the new creation of the food influencer they cheered for a dinner party are pulled over the internet.

The original poster (OP), u/EmilyandPaige, shared his story on the popular Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole, garnering 8,700 upvotes and 700 comments on their post, “AITA to leave my sister and her husband in the rain?”

The OP opens by saying that they are the other significant person in the foodie, “Emily”. Although Emily does not serve food, she enjoys cooking for friends and family. So, when I asked the OP’s sister, “Paige,” if Emily would cook for her dinner party, Emily was thrilled. Paige paid Emily half the amount the two of them had agreed on, and said she’d pay the rest of the bill after the party.

Emily worked for several days – not only preparing and cooking meals, but cleaning Paige’s house to make sure dinner was “perfect.” However, things started to explode when the guests arrived two hours before Emily planned.

At this point, Paige’s husband started bragging to their friends about the “weird maid” who was working at the event, and how “obedient” she was, but was difficult to understand because of her “accent,” the OP wrote. The house is open plan, so even though Emily was stuck in the kitchen, she could hear every word. She left as soon as she finished to get out of the awkward situation.

The OP was angry when they heard about how Paige’s husband had dealt with Emily, and demanded an apology from Paige and her husband. Not only did they refuse, but they did not pay the rest of the money they owed Emily. All of their calls were ignored, and even a couple of days ago, the OP assumed they had blocked them on all platforms.

However, the OP found out that they didn’t actually ban Emily. Two hours after Emily posted a video about a new build, Paige and her husband showed up at their door, asking to come. And they thought they were there to apologize, the OP opened a crack, only for Paige to get them off the idea.

Paige mentioned how she saw Emily’s post and wanted to come try it for herself. I was shocked. Not only was I disappointed that I didn’t apologize or pay Emily, I was shocked by the absurdity of their thought process; they were going to show up for free food but nothing happened (ignoring the fact that Emily didn’t uploads its content the same day you prepare it),” the OP wrote.

The OP again asked for an apology, and they refused again. They closed the door on the couple, who had stayed there in a rainstorm for about an hour, and invited Emily to let them try her new recipe. Not only that, but then Paige’s husband called the OP to blame them for getting sick for standing in the rain.

A food influencer and her significant other are being supported by their reaction to a couple who stressed her over a fancy dinner that ended up demanding to try her latest creations.
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Whereas, despite “general knowledge”, it is impossible to catch a cold from standing in the rain. The myth likely comes from the fact that some cold viruses do better at lower temperatures, according to the University of Texas. However, WeatherSTEM.com notes that rain can cause bacteria and viruses on Earth to be airborne, making it easier for them to transmit infection to a person.

The biggest problem comes after rain, notes the Mayo Clinic. Although water usually evaporates after a light or regular rain, during a heavy rain or flood there can be a lot of water to evaporate, resulting in standing water. Mosquitoes breed in standing water and carry a number of viruses, including malaria, West Nile virus, and encephalitis. In addition, standing water can also contain sewage or other chemicals, making it dangerous.

Likewise, our fellow OP Redditors were shocked by the merit of Paige and her husband.

“[Not the A**hole]. This is what I like to call “f**k around and find out”. They were rude all the way. You should also take them to small claims court where they are [will] You have to pay the remainder of the amount due, although you may want to go to a legal sub-forum or a lawyer to see what you can do,” u/dinodanny1 wrote in the top rated comment with 10,300 upvotes. OP added in a reply that Emily doesn’t think it’s “worth” to go the legal route.

Also, like the OP didn’t do anything to them. They decided to come in while it was raining. They chose not to bring an umbrella or raincoat. They assumed the OP would feel sorry for them and let them in. But they made every choice to go home. That’s 100% on them. I offered Op let them in if they apologise. As in any case, OP or Emily can’t be blamed here,” u/Runkysaurus wrote.

u/GlitterDoomsday suggested: “Emily should make a ‘Storytime: nightmare gig’ type post that doesn’t name people but publicly share what happened because they’re still checking their social sites. Let them read the comments of the people naming them.”

“[Not the A**hole]. Karma makes Paige ill. Hopefully karma will convince Paige to become human,” u/Impossible-Pause3788 wrote.

NEWSWEEK I reached out to u/EmilyandPaige for comment.

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