Famous Iranian restaurants in Mumbai serving the best Parsi food

The food-loving community of Parsi layered Iranian cuisine with Goan, Portuguese and British influences when they settled in India, especially in Gujarat and Mumbai. For a taste of authentic flavours, visit one of Mumbai’s Parsi restaurants, some of which date back to 1904.

Take your pick from one of the five best Parsi restaurants in Mumbai whose culinary prowess is above and beyond.

1. Gallups

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Gallops Restaurant in Mumbai offers a special menu of Navroz every year. Their selection features traditional flavors mixed with innovative flair. If you are a newcomer, try traditional Parsi delicacies like Kolmi Ni Curry, Salli Boti, Akuri and sweets like Udvada Nu Sancha Nu Mango Ice Cream, Lovji Na Lagan Nu Custard and many more. The restaurant also offers mesmerizing views of the racetrack and sprawling green lawns.

2. Bawa Zest from Cheron

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Located in Bandra West, Bawa Zest by Cheron is famous for its delicious pancakes. Available in two flavors – lemon and chocolate, their dense pies will surely leave you craving for more. Their Parisian delicacy also includes delicious lamb Chicken Farsha, Akuri among many others. Their fast food like chicken sally bread, chicken tikka croissant, and chicken sorbet puff are also a must-have.

3. Britannia & Co.

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Britannia & Co at Ballard Estate, one of the oldest Parsi restaurants in Mumbai, opened its doors in 1923. It is famous for its traditional Indo-Iranian specialty – pulao periAnd the The restaurant carries a distinct legacy of its own. Fried pompa (Bombay duck) is also one of the must-haves.

4. Kayani & Co.

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Checkered table linens and antique chairs will take you down memory lane. Kyani & Co was established in 1904 and the Iranian flavors have truly stood the test of time. Drop by for a quick bite of Iranian kebab, chicken burger with cheese, or tent pav And wash it down with a refreshing raspberry drink at this Mumbai restaurant.

5. Military Café

Credit: Instagram / cafemilitaryfort

Set amid the bustling lanes of the Fort’s business district, Cafe Military is a classic Parsi restaurant. Featuring antique bentwood chairs and glass tables, the ambiance will heighten your dining experience. The café is famous for its delicacies such as khaima pav, chicken dansak and caramel custard.

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