NFTs can pave the way for the alcohol sector to offer luxury and authenticity in one fell swoop

Since 2021, NFTs have become a rising trend in the premium or premium liquor sector, with several high-end brands such as Glenfiddich, Hennessy and Bacardi launching NFTs last year to accompany the launch of limited-edition products.

One of the newest entrants to the scene is giant Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey, which launched seven NFTs to accompany its 48-year-old limited-edition Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavor whiskey.

Johnnie Walker has partnered with NFT Specialists BlockBar, which focuses heavily on the alcohol sector and was the platform that launched the Glenfiddich and Hennessey NFTs.

“It has always been our goal to reserve a number of this very limited edition whiskey for sale in a way that provides whiskey enthusiasts with an improved, sophisticated whiskey experience,”A spokeswoman for Johnnie Walker said FoodNavigator- Asia.

“[To add to the luxury of the experience]The group of seven NFTs will give their owners an all-inclusive invitation for a three-day trip to Edinburgh [to] Immerse yourself in the history of Johnnie Walker and the culture of whiskey-making in the city

“[There will also be] A stay at the Gleneagles Townhouse and a tour of the Glenkinchie Distillery where Johnny Walker is being prepared, a guided tour of the Diageo Archive, a private tasting of rare and collectible whiskey from the Diageo Collection and dinner at some of the city’s premier restaurants.”

Although Johnnie Walker still sees luxury, new age experience can be provided by NFTs as a major catalyst for the launch, to BlockBar, NFTs are more than just a passing trend for the premium alcohol sector, but future digital enabling brands can use them to give consumers a guarantee of authenticity and traceability combined with a luxury experience.

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