Sustertain Foundation scientists and Allianz Ayudhya launched Thailand’s first cloud food bank online platform

Bali, Indonesia And the BangkokAnd the 11 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ – More than 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually. Meanwhile, 830 million people suffer from starvation globally, but many countries have food banks to address this problem. in ThailandSOS addresses the problems of food waste and food insecurity by collecting surplus food from the food industry and redistributing it to vulnerable communities. Since 2016, more than 4 million kilograms of food have been saved. But with the increasing demand for food from many vulnerable communities, we knew we had to find different ways to raise food.

Dietetics, the leading expert in food rescue, has teamed up with Allianz Ayodhya, one of the leading insurance companies in Thailandto launch the country’s first Cloud Food Bank platform which aims to redistribute more than 600 tons of surplus food by the end of the year.

The goal of Cloud Food Bank is to manage food surplus systematically. The platform makes donation and distribution easy and efficient. Through the matchmaking system, SOS can manage food supplies from large companies and individuals, ensuring that all donations are delivered to those who need them most. Using this platform, SOS Thailand aims to create a national alliance network to save food, creating environmental and social sustainability.

the master. Thomas WilsonAllianz Ayudhya’s President and CEO said: “Across Allianz Ayudhya’s activities in ThailandWe have adhered to the Allianz Group’s goal of focusing on socially responsible business practices. The organization strives for long-term success by following the principles of ESG. Donate food to communities in need via Bangkok It made us aware of the current food shortage, and we are looking for partners to help us meet these requirements. Allianz Ayudhya, a technology company, has offered to provide technology to expand this mission in collaboration with the SOS organization. The Cloud Food Bank platform acts as a central hub to connect those who wish to provide food to vulnerable groups of people in need. Allianz Ayodhya invested everywhere 2 million baht To create this platform, and make it more efficient.”

the master. James LeesonThe Managing Director of the Subsistence Scholars Foundation said: “We are pleased that Allianz Ayodhya recognizes the need to promote societal sustainability. At SOS Foundation, we are constantly focused on reducing and preventing the negative impacts of food waste. Allianz Ayodhya uses technology in order to expand and digitize our mission, and significantly improve management capabilities of Where donors arrive, manage recipients’ storage, and food delivery.Our system currently includes more than 700 donor organizations and more than 1,000 donors in communities across the country.Allianz Ayodhya’s arrival to help us means we will be able to increase food savings and distribution by up to 20%. And this year, we have set a goal of saving 1,800 tons of surplus food, which we will be able to distribute more efficiently than ever before.”

Those interested in donating or accepting donations should visit the Cloud Food Bank website at or email [email protected]

Source SOS NC, Thailand (Bangkok) And the Indonesia (Bali)

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