Egro unveils its fully automatic compact coffee machine, QuBe

When you take the best parts of the words with the best quality and performance and combine them together, you get a fully automatic coffee machine from Egro’s QuBe for the hospitality and office coffee service sectors.

Anticipation is an emotional high when waiting for a new iPhone to be released, anticipating new music from a favorite artist to be dropped, or a new Netflix series revealed.

This is the same sentiment shared by partners around the world while waiting for the launch of Egro’s fully automatic coffee machine, says Andrea Luchini, Egro’s Director of Export Sales.

“QuBe is something the market has demanded. Our partners have been constantly asking when it will be produced after seeing it at Host Milano 2021. They see it as a solution to the needs of the market, so we have made a really big effort to have it ready by June 2022, which is a short two-and-a-half years,” says Lucchini.

“Conditions during the pandemic were very difficult, but we wanted to continue developing this product for the Ho.Re.Ca industry, one of the sectors most affected during the pandemic.”

The new Egro QuBe is a fully automatic coffee machine designed to provide customers with the best milk and coffee experience within a compact unit. They are best suited for offices, coffee corners and establishments that cater to an average consumption of 80 to 120 cups of coffee per day, and require a varied coffee menu.

“QuBe complements the Egro range. It is more compact compared to the other automatic machines in our range, but we can see more and more that consumers are expecting increasingly high quality coffee anytime and anywhere,” says Lucchini.

“QuBe is the answer to this need, allowing business operators with limited space, such as small restaurants, bakeries, pastry or ice cream parlors, and convenience outlets where coffee is not primarily focused, to ensure a high level of coffee quality for customers.”

Rather than promoting the high-end Egro Next machine for high-volume espresso and milk-based coffee consumption, Lucchini says the company decided to approach the market in a different way, reducing the machine’s size capacity and thus price point, without risking the quality of its coffee production.

“The key was to provide the machine with flexibility. In this way, we can give the user different options according to his needs, keeping in mind that quality is the motive behind the choice,” says Lucchini.

As such, QuBe is available in three versions – Pure Coffee, Quick Milk, and Pro Milk – and a total of seven configurations. Pure coffee works for 80 cups a day, Quick Milk up to 100 cups a day, and Pro Milk up to 120 cups a day. With the Pro Milk version, users can select the milk temperature and texture for each serving, which is Lucchini’s favorite feature, he says.

The QuBe features up to two coffee grinds, up to two built-in powder hoppers for chocolate or milk powder, and an optional external refrigerator for fresh milk.

Egro QuBe’s 9-16g adjustable brewing chamber allows users to customize each coffee recipe while programming.

The 7-inch touch screen makes it easy to choose the drink to be dispensed and to navigate between screens. Through the interface, users can program up to 27 drinks, adjust the dose and temperature, and set more than three doses of water.

To implement the cubic-look design and its modular interior components, Egro has partnered with one of its laboratories in Switzerland, developing what Simona Sordelli, director of marketing and communications for the Rancilio Group, describes as “Italian spirit mixed with Swiss technology”.

“The biggest challenge has been adapting our famous extraction technology from our high-end machines into a small and compact model that gives very similar results. Lower production volume and a smaller device does not mean lower quality. Egro has been part of the Rancilio Group for nearly 15 years, and as a company, we have shared Same quality philosophy since 1927, says Surdelli.

The motorized boiler, thermal blocks, water tank and wastebasket all fit into the built-in space of 58.5 cm. With carefully placed internal components and up to two built-in bean or powder hoppers, the compact QuBe is ideal for installation in most commercial kitchens or under kitchen cabinets with minimal work space required.

Just as QuBe is a volume solution, it is also a solution for places without an experienced barista with minimal training required.

“During COVID, for example, Egro has implemented online training and scheduled webinars to keep our customers informed and connected without having to travel,” says Surdelli. “We have even run digital tutorials for our technicians to better understand the machine. We will continue to offer our training services both online and in person to meet everyone’s needs.”

During installation, customers can choose to connect the machine directly to the main water supply, or they can simply use the optional four-liter water tank inside the machine.

The QuBe interface is designed with three different menus depending on the operational role as a manager, barista/worker or technician. In the technical menu, all the various parameters can be set. In manager mode, users can modify menu recipes, and in barista/operator view it is the list of products to be selected.

“When we develop a machine, we really think about everyone in the chain — our technicians, engineers, designers — to see how we can develop a solution that is truly accessible, easy to maintain, and leads to overall improvement for our users,” Lucchini says.

QuBe also connects to Rancilio Group’s telemetry system. As a powerful IoT solution, Sordelli says, the connectivity system helps customers easily collect and analyze value-related data and key performance parameters.

“Users can track and measure machine consumption, its performance at different stores within a group, and be notified when an item is not working and needs attention, avoiding lost downtime and anticipating the need for replacement parts if needed,” says Surdelli.

The arrangement of QuBe’s internal components, assembled into modules, is designed to speed up maintenance and cleaning operations.

The front panel of the machine allows easy access to internal QuBe components, including the group head and circuitry, for maintenance, while user-friendly instructions instruct users to properly clean the machine with pre-dose cleaning detergent for the brewing unit and 10-gram tablets for the milk system. Once the cycle is complete, all the user needs to do is empty the waste container and refill it with fresh water.

Sordelli says QuBe is a testament to Egro’s commitment to excellence. In October 2021, the company introduced a new logo with a new dynamic look, and is excited to express its commitment to excellence with every machine it offers.

“We are proud of what we have achieved over the past two years, and QuBe is a huge part of our effort to be close to the people who work and use our range of machines, both domestically and professionally,” says Surdelli.

“We will never stop investing, we will never stop developing, and we will never stop talking to our customers and partners around the world to understand what they need and how we can provide solutions.”

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