Another successful year for the low alcohol category

The IWSC’s Low & No Awards are their biggest success story recently with entries growing for the third year. The participation rate in 2022 for the category has increased 1.2% and the lowest is more than 225% compared to the previous year which indicates the continuous rise in the popularity of these drinks and their suitability for these drinks.

28 gold medals were awarded to the participants in this category, as well as 104 silver medal winners and 138 bronze medal winners. Two medals – Zero Alcohol Cup and Low Alcohol Cup (<1.2%) - were also created this year to reward the two best performing drinks in the judging of the year.

David T Smith, IWSC jury member comments: “Real progress has been made in reducing alcohol over the past two years. It is very clear that producers put some serious time, effort and innovation into increasing quality.

“The judges tasted the full spectrum of low-alcohol drinks, from beer to wine and even spirits, and what was fascinating to see was how good some of the alternatives were to what we consider traditional alcoholic beverages, and for those who were devised as an alternative, how difficult it is to distinguish between some.”

Low Alcohol Award (less than 1.2%)

  • Rosé NV Deliquescent, Darling Cellars, South Africa

Alcohol-free cup

  • Non-Alcoholic Legend of White Coconut Beverage, Goat Drinks, UK

Gold Medal Winners:

  • 0% Merlot NV, Giesen, New Zealand
  • 7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee, NON, Australia
  • Agua de Madre Water Kefir Blood Orange Bitters, Fleur de Madre, United Kingdom
  • Ara Zero Sauvignon Blanc NV, Giesen, New Zealand
  • Oak barrel, Gnesta, Sweden
  • Blurred Vines Sharp NV, Beyond Alcohol, United Kingdom
  • Crodino, Campari Collection, Italy
  • Dandy Smoke, Crucip, UK
  • Rosé NV Deliquescent, Darling Cellars, South Africa
  • George Bishop London Dry Gin Essence, The Maidstone Distillery, UK
  • IPA, UNLTD. , United kingdom
  • Lemon and basil, a drink, Tripp, UK
  • Non-Alcoholic Legend of White Coconut Beverage, Goat Drinks, UK
  • Nochino Ruby Aperitif, Felicia, Slovakia
  • Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay NV, Thomson & Scott, United Kingdom
  • Novara Myrrh Aperitif, Bark and Myrrh, Canada
  • Sabinka, Good Rutz, BV, The Netherlands
  • Sinzero Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, Commercial DYP, Chile
  • Sober-Rum 0.0%, Sober Spirits, France
  • Sparkling Hojicha, Saicho, United Kingdom
  • Sparkling Organic Rosé NV, ALT., Germany
  • Sparkling Shiraz NV, Edenvale Beverages, Australia
  • juice, wink, belgium
  • Suze Tonic, Pernaud Ricard, France
  • Three Spirit Livener, Beyond Alcohol, UK
  • Three Spirit Nightcap, Beyond Alcohol, UK
  • Rosemary Tonic, Swedish Tonic, Sweden
  • Zeno Alcohol Red Editor, Vinolo, UK

Recognizing the importance of low alcohol content (less than 1.2%), IWSC is launching a new trophy for the best low alcohol/free alcohol product, sponsored by Bev Zero. The shortlist will be announced on Friday, July 22 with the winner announced at the 2022 IWSC Awards Dinner and Industry Celebration on September 29.

For a complete list of the 2022 IWSC competition winners, visit here on our website.

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