Do you sleep in kebab heaven? Everything about UK restaurants A unique stay

Tasty and delicious, kebabs make a delicious addition to any meal. Whether it’s galooti kebab, skewer, doner or even boti kebab – there are so many delicious options to choose from. You can enjoy kebabs as an appetizer, or pair them with rumali roti or naan for the main course; There is no limit to the creative pairings you can make with kebabs. If you, too, are obsessed with kebabs and love them immeasurably, we have something for you. A restaurant in the UK called ‘I Am Doner’ is known for its award winning kebabs and they just launched something new. On the occasion of International Kebab Day on July 8th, they announced ‘Kebab House’ – a unique stay experience inside a kebab style house. take a look:

The UK-based kebab restaurant shared some illustrations of a kebab house on their Instagram handle, showing what an interesting kebab house would look like. They called it a pop-up feature, and revealed that a kebab-based pop-up will open later this year.

Sleeping in Kebab Paradise will include a custom designed house with many intricate details featuring kebabs. Nan-themed curtains and bedding, plus garlic sauce bottle lamps. In the living room, there will be a special spice cabinet with more than 50 unique spices that can be selected according to the guest’s preference.

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Kebabs are loved not only by Indians but all over the world.

Kebab shaped pillows adorn a stain resistant sofa in a kebab house so that you can enjoy your kebab without any fear of spills. There’s even a custom lettuce and chili kebab shower cap in the bathroom from a pop-up kebab window that will ‘make your shower ideas hot,’ according to the restaurant’s website. The UK-based restaurant does not say if kebabs will be served at the residence.

The first version of the kebab pop-up will open in Leeds. After that you will travel to other British cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. So, kebab lovers, you should definitely add this to your travel bucket list!

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