Edward Furlong reveals that he became sober for four years after battling heroin, methamphetamine and alcohol addictions.

Edward Furlong became known to audiences around the world at a very young age when he was cast as John Connor in 1991. Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The film was a huge success, and made Furlong a young star who was sought after for more roles. Unfortunately, like many child stars, the actor succumbed to many addictions that spoiled his career at various stages. His fights have become a staple in the media, but at the age of 44, Furlong reveals that he has become sober after four years of battling heroin, methamphetamine and alcohol addictions.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Furlong reveals that he has put his life back on track and now has a clear mind after four years of sobriety. The actor admits that things got out of hand early because “There weren’t many people looking for me, and I was left to escape.” His addiction began with marijuana and alcohol, then escalated to cocaine. The actor said, “When I was high, I had a good camaraderie with other people. Just drinking and partying. Suddenly, I felt like I was with people, getting along somehow. That’s how I started.”

Harder drugs soon emerged, as Furlong developed an addiction to heroin and methamphetamine. The actor said, “I was shooting a lot of heroin and methamphetamine and smoking DMT all the time. That’s how I was all day. It’s amazing I was still alive – there were two close calls.” Then he added, “It definitely was OD, but that’s the cycle, you know. Once you get in there, it’s very hard to see a way out. That’s what I want people to understand — there’s a way out, but it’s hard.”

As a result of Furlong’s addiction to methamphetamine, his teeth began to rot, and he recently replaced them, a move that gave him more self-confidence:

“It seems strange to me to talk about teeth because I don’t live and breathe the way I look but every time I look in the mirror it just bothers me as a reminder of what I did all those years.”

Furlong entered rehab in 2018, and after four years of being sober, the actor was able to stay off drugs and rebuild his life. He now maintains a healthy relationship with his family and has started working more. Feeling sober was “the greatest thing I’ve ever done,” Furlong says, and he’s also looking to mend professional relationships he destroyed when he was high:

“I’ve been exposed to a lot of people when I was on drugs, and regaining the trust of people who work with you when you fluctuate on them often is a long process,” he said. “It’s like the friendship that happens after a bad breakup – people learn to trust me again. It’s great and things are slowly starting to go around again.”

It’s good to see that he has pulled his life together and that it hasn’t become another cautionary tale for young Hollywood’s got it wrong. I’d love to see him make some kind of professional comeback because as much as Hollywood loves tearing people down, they also love a good redemption story.

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