Provincial budgets for fuel and food increase

WORLAND – Washakie County’s valuation increased by approximately $30 million, which represents a revenue increase for the 2022-2023 budget of $29,600.

The valuation has gone from $131,341,140 last year to $160,992,671 this year, which is the equivalent of $29,600, said Mary Grace Strauch, a Washkee County clerk.

The increase was good news as expenditures increased in several areas in the governorate’s budget due to be approved next week. The total budget to be presented in Monday’s session is $11,477,352 without grants and $13,949,682.67 with grants.

Strauch said she has raised the budget for gas and diesel items for all departments.

Prisoner food ended the fiscal year on June 30 with a high of $92,000. We had to increase the prisoners’ food budget. “This is the most we’ve ever spent,” she said.

Funding for Youth Alternatives declined as grant funding for the program was restored.

Strauch said they budgeted $15,000 for a small cooler for the coroner’s office.

They’re budgeting for a new car for the mayor’s office.

In nonprofit or outside agency funding, the county allocates $3,000 to the Big Horn Alliance to reprint maps. She said every county in the alliance — and Chakie, Big Horn, Park and Johnson — all contribute to the funding.

They also set aside $1,500 each for bedroom memberships of Worland-Ten Commerce and the Washakie Development Association. They also allocated $4,000 to the Washaki County Historical Preservation Association.

There is $22,000 for cybersecurity.

Funding the $1,516,000 US bailout bill is under his own account with the money set aside for a new ambulance station. Strauch said the commissioners are expected to make the final decision on the site at the regular meeting next week, July 19.

Funding from ARPA must be used by December 2024.

The budget also reflects a 6% increase in health insurance premiums, Strauch said. The county pays 90% of the premiums.

Increase your property insurance by $10,000.

All employees, including part-time employees, were given a bonus with an increase on a per pay scale basis. She said the increases ranged between 5% and 8%.

Elected officials were also given increases that will take effect on January 1, which are determined by law.

The annual budget session will be in the courtroom of the Commissioner’s conference room at 5:30 p.m. on Monday with adoption on Tuesday during the regular meeting.

Strauch also announced that the commissioners had moved the August 16 meeting to August 23 due to the election and a tour of Washakie County with representatives from the congressional offices.

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