Top 10 Educator Subscription Funds in 2022

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Whether it’s for Teacher Appreciation Week, the holidays, a farewell gift for your beloved child’s teacher before the school year ends, or even a birthday gift for a friend or family member who works as a teacher, gift ideas for teachers can be challenging. Some questions immediately come to mind: how much to spend, what is convenient, what is not, and most importantly, what will the teacher like. You can consider typical teacher gifts, such as gift cards, sweets, and mugs. Or you could go a completely different route and try something funky, like a teacher subscription box. So, what should you do?

According to Erin Hunt, a teacher in New Jersey, parents and guardians should know that teachers do not expect a gift. “Really, we appreciate a token of gratitude.” Hunt says her favorite gifts are those that highlight her relationships with the students, like a handwritten note about a favorite memory together from the year, or something they shared like a favorite candy or school supplies. And while gift cards aren’t necessary by any means, teachers can always use them.

If you want to gift one of the best subscription boxes (or even a gift to yourself) – a unique gift that many have not discovered – the most important things to note are:

  • Whether it’s a one-time box or a box that ships within a certain period of time
  • If the subscription renews automatically (and if it does, you should set a reminder for you to cancel)
  • Where it is shipped (your teacher’s home or school) and if you have a suitable address
  • If your teacher has dietary restrictions or allergies
  • How much do you want to spend

    I collected Best teacher subscription boxes To choose from at a range of price points, and with different interests and topics in mind.

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How to stay away from teaching

What makes it special: This teacher subscription box takes into account your teacher’s mental health and well-being. Health professionals teamed up with the funder of this fund to identify the included items, which total more than $100.

What did you getFive to seven high-quality lifestyle products that include topics such as self-care, productivity, and mental health. Previous boxes have included things like scented hand lotions, journals, face masks, pens, and brochures with tips from a life coach, to name a few.

How much does it cost: $35.99 per fund for 1 month, $33.33 per fund for 3 months, $32.66 per fund for 6 months, $31.99 per fund for 12 months.

Who is a gift for her?Any teacher likes to take a moment to think and get back to his or her position.

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Happy hour in the box of 4 teachers

Happy hour in the box of 4 teachers

What makes it special: This curated box will give the teacher in your life everything they need to make a cocktail (except for the liquor themselves).

What did you get: Full-size cocktail mixer, snacks to match your drink, and other accessories—four to six products in total.

How much does it cost: 1 box every quarter for $49.99.

Who is a gift for her?: The teacher who loves a mixed cocktail and goes back to making her own at home.


Classroom Subscription Box

Planet Teacher Post Pack

What makes it special: This subscription box is not just a gift for a teacher, but a gift for Mother Earth. In it you will find materials to help you in your crusade against our climate crisis.

What did you get: 30 postcards and stamps for impactful monthly campaigns meant to help the Earth; Plus headlines, infographics, videos, research, campaign tracker, and, if you’re lucky, swag.

How much does it cost: $30 per fund for 1 month, $26.67 per fund for 3 months, $25 per fund for 6 months, $22.92 per fund for 12 months.

Who is a gift for her?: Any eco-friendly teacher whose mission is to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

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Teaching Sparkle Pop subscription box for teachers

What makes it special: This fund was created for teachers, by Teacher, to add some extra sparkle to the classroom and their home or office. Items are from primarily women-owned small businesses, and a subscription gives you exclusive access to a library of print materials and other digital resources.

What did you getFour or more customized items are delivered each month, from classroom items and office decor to stationery, posters, and planners, to stylish wearables.

How much does it cost: $32 per box with the possibility of subscription for 1, 3 or 6 months.

Who is a gift for her?A teacher who loves to redecorate the classroom every holiday and season.


Preschool Teacher Subscription Box

Kindergarten subscription box

What makes it special: This monthly subscription box is carefully designed with young children in mind. For teachers who are always looking for new books and ideas to introduce to their classes, this monthly subscription will broaden their horizons and add to their classroom repertoire.

What did you get: There are at least four items in each box consisting of one read-aloud book, one student activity, some classroom supplies, plus something just for personalized You are. Each month features a special theme, such as the summer stock.

How much does it cost: $39.95 per fund for 1 month, $38.33 per fund for 6 months, $36.66 per fund for 12 months.

Who is a gift for her?A teacher who teaches pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, or first grade.


Quirky Crate Subscription Box

What makes it special: Teachers love colors and fun. Bring this Quirky box to your door in the form of accessories, activities, school supplies, stickers, and more. Each month features a fun theme, like sunshine and rainbows, a flashback from the ’90s, pretty in funk, and space!

What did you get: Six to nine eccentric and fun items are delivered per month.

How much does it cost: $39.95 per fund for 1 month, $39 per fund for 3 months, $37 per fund for 6 months, $36 per fund for 12 months.

Who is a gift for her?: the artistic and fun educator who is not shy about colour.

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Studio Calico Subscription Kits

What makes it special: The dream of a crafty teacher, this subscription box comes with a well-curated collection of goodies to use for your scrapbooks and charts.

What did you get: Countless stickers in different sizes, stickers, stamps, inspirational quotes, and more. Your subscription also gives you access to the artisan community where Studio Calico’s creative team and other members share projects.

How much does it cost: $19.99 and up depending on commitment and level. Choose from three types of subscription: notarization, travel book or stamp.

Who is a gift for her?: A teacher who takes scrapbooks or uses a chart on a regular basis, is attentive to detail and loves to capture memories.


Book of the month subscription box

What makes it special: While this book of the month subscription isn’t intended for educators, we think it makes a great gift for educators nonetheless.

What did you get: Books are delivered straight to your door! You’ll get early releases, new perspectives, and budding authors sending your way every month. A list of curated selections in a variety of genres is sent before the start of each month, and you can choose the title that sounds best to you. Can’t choose? Add up to two additional books per month for $9.99 each, either from the current monthly picks or from the best books from previous months.

How much does it cost: $9.99 for the first book and $16.99 per month after that.

Who is a gift for her?: The bookworm teacher you love.

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Teacher box style clothing rental subscription

What makes it specialMonthly: This box ships specially selected clothing for teachers to your door. Think of it like Stitch Fix, but for those in the classroom.

What did you get: At least two patterns will be sent to subscribers per month that you add to your virtual locker. Once you have the item, you can keep it for as long as you want. When you’re done, you charge it again. If you love it, you will keep it and pay a discounted price.

How much does it cost: $45 a month for 1 month, $40 a month for 2 months, $36.66 a month for 3 months.

Who is a gift for her?: Teachers who never know what to wear to work, but want to look stylish and change their clothes.


Low Carb Schoolyard Snacks, Keto Snack Subscription

What makes it specialEating sweet cereal and indulging in cheese puffs is not the healthiest thing to eat every day. Teachers can satisfy their cravings with these keto-friendly snacks, which are also sugar-free, low in carbs and calories, and high in protein.

What did you get: Cereal or cheese puffs – but that’s your choice. Choose from peanut butter, cocoa and fruit for cereal; And cheddar cheese, sour cream and onions, BBQ for cheese pies.

How much does it cost: $26.39 or more (depending on how many bags you buy in bulk, and whether it’s a subscription or a one-time purchase).

Who is a gift for her?: Teachers who are keto-loving and need a midday energy revival.

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