Watch: 3 ways to make iced coffee for the summer

It’s that time of year when the scorching sun outdoors literally makes us avoid the heat in any other way. Steaming coffee in the morning, afternoon and night they slowly come out, waving an emotional farewell – and it’s time for the new kid on the block to shine. Ice, baby! (..I will see myself outside)

A cup of iced coffee is a refreshing and refreshing boost against summer burn like no other, and here we’ve got three easy-to-make recipes – from the luscious, luscious Spanish latte to the rich, dark chocolate sorbet. Mocha. The best part? Each one only takes 5 minutes.

1. soaked

This Italian coffee-based dessert or drink is a refreshing blend of creamy vanilla gelato or ice cream with a single shot of espresso. Vanilla melts into a rich, bitter espresso for a sweet, light bite – perfect for any time of the day. Fun fact: “Affogato al caffe” actually means “drowning in coffee” in Italian, referring to the plight of vanilla ice cream.

As a bonus, you can also add toppings like berries, crackers, and nuts depending on your preference.

• 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream or vanilla gelato

• 20 grams of ground coffee for espresso

Image Credit: Anas Thakarpadikal/Gulf News

1. Weigh 18.7 grams of ground coffee and put it into the coffee filter of your espresso machine. In the video, it is a blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Indonesian coffee beans and this quantity is chosen to balance the sweetness, bitterness and acidity of the coffee.

2. In the video, it is a double shot espresso thanks to the design of the coffee filter which has two drip channels of coffee.

3. Once your espresso shot is ready, put 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream into a dessert cup.

4. Just before serving, pour hot espresso over vanilla ice cream for a light, refreshing flavour.

NB: You can also make some very strong instant coffee and follow the same process.

2. Iced Mocha

Iced coffee three ways for the summer
Image Credit: Anas Thakarpadikal/Gulf News

For chocolate lovers, we present to you this rich, milky coffee with a strain of dark chocolate. Tackle chocolate and coffee cravings in one go with this iced mocha recipe, which isn’t sweet at all, thanks to the combination of espresso and dark chocolate. Mocha is actually the name of a port in Yemen, the origin of the Arabica coffee beans used in the early coffee trade – but the current mocha is said to be from the US and is said to be inspired by the Italian ‘pecerin’ made with layers of espresso and drinking chocolate and milk.

If you’re looking for a little more fun, add marshmallows and whipped cream…

• 60 gm espresso ground coffee

• 100g dark chocolate chips 70%

• 1 liter full fat milk

• 1 cup ice cubes

1. Heat the measuring jar by filling it with boiling water. Pour it in once the dish is hot.

2. Add the dark chocolate chips and 30gm of boiling water and mix slowly with a spoon until the chocolate melts.

3. For each of the three cups, weigh 18.7 grams of ground coffee and fit it into the coffee filter of your espresso machine. Prepare your shot of espresso.

4. Mix 60g of the melted chocolate mixture and one shot of espresso into a cup.

5. Fill a mason jar with ice cubes, and pour the milk up to the top, leaving a little room.

6. Just before serving, pour the chocolate espresso mixture into a mason jar and place a straw in it. Have fun!

3. Iced Spanish Latte

Iced coffee three ways for the summer
Image Credit: Anas Thakarpadikal/Gulf News

For full-bodied sweetness, indulge in Iced Spanish Latte – a strong espresso infused with milk and sweetened condensed milk. The drink is also known as ‘café con leche’ or ‘coffee with milk’ in Spanish and is loved in Latin American countries as a classic breakfast drink.

• 300 gm sweetened condensed milk

• 700 g full fat milk

• 60 grams of ground coffee

1. Weigh 300g of condensed milk and 700g of whole milk into a bottle using a weighing machine, and mix well. This can be from three to four cups.

2. For each cup, prepare a shot of espresso using 18.7 grams of ground coffee.

3. Fill a jar with ice cubes, and pour the milk mixture up to the top.

4. Just before serving, pour in a shot of espresso for a sweet taste of chilled Spanish latte.

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