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Election season in Lakeland is growing rapidly, as new candidates and incumbents pull petitions.

Former Lakeland Commissioner and Deputy Mayor Josh Roman is the first person to withdraw a petition to run for mayor of Lakeland.

More candidates enter races in four suburban cities

“I know this is just the beginning of a four-month journey to win the Lakeland vote for mayor, but it’s a good idea to start the process,” said Roman, who is back in politics after a two-year absence. He chose not to be re-elected as commissioner in 2020.

Mayor Mike Cunningham decided in May that he would not seek a second term.

Roman plans to focus on three areas: maintaining low taxes, low crime, and high-quality housing by conserving resources such as Garner Lake, mature trees, and Stonebridge Golf Course; Focus support on commercial, residential and municipal projects already approved to see them thrive; and strengthening the successful partnership between the city and the school.

Connie McCarter withdrew a petition and filed to run for Lakeland Commissioner. This will be the first time she will run for elected office.

“I had many Lakelanders and my friends and supporters in and out of Lakeland encouraging me to look for a job,” said McCarter, a registered nurse at Methodist Le Bonheur Health Care. She holds master’s degrees in education and degrees in neuroscience and nursing professional development.

“My whole campaign is about all the people. If I get elected, I want to encourage people to be respectful, and I want to see our city united,” McCarter said.

She was appointed to the Lakeland Board of Appeal in 2020 and serves on the advisory committee for the city’s comprehensive development plan.

“I feel like now is the time to be more reactive to help make a difference while listening to citizens,” McCarter said.

Some of its main objectives will be to promote a healthy and safe environment as well as economic development, maintain green spaces and create pathways, and grow the city’s school system.

McCarter joins current Commissioner and Deputy Mayor Michael Dial so far in the race. Over the past few months, Dial has been considering whether to run again, and recently decided to withdraw her petition.

She is in her second term as commissioner. She first got her start in 2015 before the city put an end to two terms for commissioners and mayor. She resigned from that seat in 2017 to deal with the family health situation and was re-elected in 2018.

Lakeland has two term limits for mayor and commissioners.

“My decision to run again is centered around all things necessary to continue the positive momentum of Lakeland’s development through community-focused improvements,” Dial said.

Its priorities include supporting City Hall employees, developing city and theme park programs and facilities, advancing sports tourism and economic development, and building a community advisory board.

The two oldest voting recipients will serve a four-year term as Lakeland Commissioner. Another Lakeland commissioner to be re-elected this year, Richard Gonzalez, is still deciding whether to seek a second term.

The deadline for submitting petitions is August 18. Early voting runs from October 19 to November 3, and election day is November 8.

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