You’re wrong about “beer before liquor.”

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There are so many legends baked in drinking culture. You might think, for example, that once you pee while spending the night outside, you’re doomed to make non-stop trips to the bathroom because you”break the seal“But that’s not true. You might also think that a file Dog Hair will help you beat a hangover, but This is also wrong. Another old saying that gets thrown around a lot? “Beer before liquor, never disease. Liquor before beer, obviously.”

This claim suggests that if you start your night with beer before switching to something harder, you’ll get sick, either that night or the next, but if you start your night with the hard stuff and move on to beer, you’ll be fine. he is who – which TRUE? Let’s find out.

Why do people say and believe this?

We’ve all had too much to drink before. We all know what it’s like to fall asleep with a spin, wake up feeling sick, and spend the next day with a terrible headache. The truth is that we are wrong to overeat each time, but it’s easier to blame something else – in this case, the order in which several drinks were taken the night before.

Since it’s common to start a night with a beer, say at the back door, bribe or pre-game, before moving on to picks or mixed drinks once you get to the bar and the festive vibes intensify, you may be tempted to blame the order rather than the sheer amount of consumed alcohol. This is understandable, but wrong.

Why is this adage wrong?

Here’s the thing: alcohol is alcohol. No matter the type of alcohol, it can still make you feel drunk and still produce a hangover. Likewise, it can still make you sick. There is no magic liquor or beer that stops you from feeling awful if you I drink a lot of it. (If there is, we’ll know exactly about it by now.) And tThere are operative words very Many.

Per HealthlineAlcohol starts being absorbed into your bloodstream the moment it hits your stomach, so by the time you feel like hanging out the next day, you’ve already had it. Everything you drank the night before. Ranking is really irrelevant. This article also indicates that ranking What kind of alcohol does he drink? It can cause some people to consume more than if they did things the other way around. Look at your own habits. After the beer fanfare, are you more likely to agree when your friend announces that it’s time for a round of shots? Conversely, after having had a few mixed drinks, have you ever been frustrated with the idea of ​​filling up on beer?

While this is clearly subjective and based entirely on one’s own habits, there is also some strong scientific evidence to support the falsity of claims that drinking order matters at all. a A study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2019 Dispelling the myth, finding after studying 90 participants that “neither the type nor the order of alcoholic beverages consumed significantly affects the severity of a hangover.”

This study also exposed A different, but similar, urban legend that I’m a staunch supporter of myself: “Grapes or grains, but not the twin.” Those of us who (foolishlyBelieve me, I swear there are no hangovers the next day as long as you stick to the same type of drink all night long. still, wWhile the study effectively got rid of water – or light Beer, if you prefer-above all who – which The theory, too, I still stick to, but with solid knowledge, it’s nonsense. why? because whether This is because I drink less when I stick toone kind of alcohol, or because I believe in it so strongly that I make myself feel better the next day, an act I experience fewer bad effects when I don’t mix toxins. (Because alcohol is actually a poison.)

if specific The legend resonates with youFeel free to use it as a guide the next time you’re out. Just know that there is no science to back it up, and The real reason your morning is less hungry is that I make better choices. If catchy rhyme helps you act more responsibly –It reduces the chances of you waking up feelingkeh You got hit by a truck –I say you keep doing it.

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