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Yum China, the largest restaurant company in China, has updated its food safety management practices with a series of new digital initiatives deployed along the supply chain. These efforts are part of the company’s strategy to integrate advanced digital and smart technology into every aspect of its business and support its vision to become the world’s most innovative leader in the restaurant industry. The use of cutting-edge technologies enables Yum China to combine traditional control measures with real-time data collection and analysis, highlight key process, correct deviation, and improve the efficiency and timeliness of its safety management strategy.

In 2021, Yum China launched a Supply Chain Data Integration (SCDI) platform that is changing the way it manages food safety through advanced digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). With SCDI, the company can visualize the supply chain process and accurately locate and track batches of purchased goods from all channels, ensuring transparency of raw material information. In addition, SCDI enables more accurate risk management by aggregating visual supply chain KPIs and improves supply chain risk awareness, enhancing Yum China’s supply chain resilience.

Intelligent Food Safety System (iFS) rated Yum China’s long history in food safety and quality management, and integrated big data for indoor and outdoor food safety. iFS uses techniques and algorithms including cognitive graphing, natural language processing, and named entity recognition. As an artificial intelligence tool based on machine and scientific learning, iFS can significantly improve Yum China’s ability to identify potential risks, enabling rapid assessment and proactive risk prevention.

eQA enables online management of the entire value chain from farm to fork and can automatically check regulatory compliance for food additives used in raw materials. It greatly increases Yum China’s capabilities and efficiency in managing suppliers and their products. iQA is an important part of Yum China’s intelligent supply chain management. iQA divides the production process into seven data units and defines control points within each unit. During the production cycle, basic data is sent to the system in real time. By 2021, Yum China iQA has rolled out in more than 200 supplier factories.

Meanwhile, real-time temperature monitoring in the logistics cold chain is essential to ensure the food safety and quality of Yum China products. For this reason, Yum China logistics company has built a comprehensive real-time cold chain monitoring system. The company’s round-the-clock digital cold chain management system integrates the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies to protect food safety.

Food safety is a top priority for Yum China and one of the company’s key sustainability commitments. The company has not only implemented a standardized food safety system in each restaurant, but also ensures that all of its suppliers comply with relevant laws and regulations and Yum China food safety standards.

To learn more about Yum China’s sustainability commitments and progress toward its sustainability goals, read our 2021 Sustainability Report here.

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