6 Famous Fast Food Items Cut From Menus This Year – Don’t Eat That

There is no doubt that the past two years have been a rollercoaster for companies, especially restaurants grappling with endless tides and shortages of labor, supply chain, and the cost of ingredients. All of these factors were among the main factors that contributed to the reduction of menus.

Since time immemorial, discontinued items have been par for the course in fast food restaurants, which is something that has become very popular in recent years.

While some discontinued menu items will eventually return, the same fate hasn’t been true for others – for every Mexican pizza renaissance, there’s a Pizza Slider that has been lost over time. Basically, if you’d rather not have your heart broken, it’s best not to get too hung up on your new vegan chorizo ​​or cake batter latte.

So far, 2022 has seen a whirlwind of roster changes, with seemingly as many removals as there have been additions. As fast food chains continue to face shortages and staffing problems, hubs have been made to tweak menus down and focus on quality over quantity as much as possible. From ice cream to full-to-order form, here are some popular fast food items that have been rejected so far this year.

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Burger King / Facebook

In this day and age, you would think that a fast food restaurant would make more concerted efforts to offer healthier and healthier menu options. In some cases, this was true. In other places, such as Burger King, the exact opposite has happened.

Earlier this year, Whopper-slinger decided that New Year’s resolutions were over, and chose to cut salads off their menus altogether. bold move.

Perhaps, with the addition of the plant-based Impossible Whopper, Burger King felt that there was no need for actual plants on its menu anymore? With salads disappearing from other fast food chains as well, it looks like customers will only have to go to dedicated salad restaurants now.

Burger King Sundis
Burger King / Facebook

Burger King also decided to remove another part of the food pyramid from its menu, and put several dairy products in the chopping block.

In a move to streamline operations and speed up drive-thru service, the chain has discontinued its sundae, whipped toppings and milk chocolate.

These were less popular menu items anyway, but if you head to your local BK hoping for a dessert sundae with whipped cream and a chocolate milkshake chase, you literally won’t find any of that.

McDonald's drink
NP27 / shutterstock

The dollar menu at McDonald’s has seen more ups and downs than the elevator at Fritz, with prices and offerings changing dramatically over the years. Remember when dollar list items In fact cost dollars? The old days!

Recently, that budget-focused list saw another ingredient removed: soda. according to The Wall Street JournalMcDonald’s operators across the country have stopped offering a $1 drink option of any size due to inflation. Without closing the deal, you’ll now pay several cents more to quench your thirst at Mickey D’s.

Wendy's lukewarm vanilla
Courtesy of Wendy’s

While Burger King may have cut back on its dairy offering, Wendy’s has gone in the opposite direction and doubled down with the recent introduction of Vanilla Frosty. For many years, the fast food chain’s popular dessert came only in chocolate flavor, but vanilla was a hit — and one of our favorite ice cream desserts at any fast food chain.

Well, buckle up, because Wendy’s has now made the bold move of replacing the instant fan favorite (at least temporarily, we hope) with another new flavor. After gaining acclaim in Canada, and rumors of his US debut, Strawberry Frosty has become a reality. That’s all well and good, but since most Wendy’s sites only have the capacity for two flavors — and OG chocolate obviously goes nowhere — that means vanilla has to be sidelined for the new fruity version.

Here’s the hopeful news, although vanilla may be temporarily out of stock, strawberry is touted as a seasonal flavor, which means vanilla may be back in the fall. She’s broken our hearts before, so we’ll believe her when we see her.

subway employee
stock struggle

Subway used to be a kind of mix-and-match sandwich chain where you could have it your way, choosing the ingredients, seasonings, meats, and cheeses you wanted. But if there’s one thing we expect from Subway, it’s that they’re willing to try just about anything to keep their sandwich empire running.

Make drastic changes, such as overhauling the franchise system and introducing “grab and go” style choices. If all that wasn’t amazing enough, Subway recently changed the entire menu layout. As part of its ongoing Eat Fresh Refresh campaign, the chain is beginning to move away from the menu customization it’s known for, instead opting for a straightforward menu of 12 sandwiches ordered by number.

It’s a bold move, so we hope customers love the new Subway Series sandwiches enough to keep coming back.

Starbucks Maple Butter Chicken and Egg Sandwich
Courtesy of Starbucks

While this recently rejected sandwich at Starbucks hasn’t been long enough to become a customer favorite, the surprising brevity of its tenure earns it a place on this list of surprising fast food menu decisions.

The Starbucks Chicken, Butter and Egg sandwich has been billed as a limited-time summer menu special, which sounds odd in itself, considering that maple butter doesn’t exactly scream “summer.” Even stranger, the sandwich had a shelf life of less than a week.

After appearing on the rosters on June 21, it was quickly taken down nationwide on June 26. Why the sudden shift? It appears that quality concerns and potential food safety issues may have been a factor in the chain’s decision. So, if you’re one of the few to try this unusual summer sandwich at Starbucks, count yourself lucky—or rather, unlucky.

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