California liquor store owner banned from selling alcohol after family death on Halloween night

A woman who admitted giving alcohol to a 20-year-old man the night he drunk and ran over a family of three in Long Beach has been denied an alcoholic beverage license or working in alcohol sales as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. week.

Amor Potstadis Amassio, 60, of Norwalk, City Attorney Douglas Hubert pleaded guilty to serving alcohol to a minor and conspiring to obstruct the licensing provisions of the Alcohol Beverage Control Act Wednesday, July 13 in Long Beach Superior Court.

Prosecutors said Amasio’s daughter, Senichi, pleaded guilty to conspiring to obstruct licensing provisions in the Alcohol Beverage Control Act and was also prohibited from possessing a liquor license or selling alcohol.

Amore Amasio was sentenced to 364 days in prison, five years probation and 90 days community service. Prosecutors said her daughter was sentenced to one year in prison and five days of community service. Both women were ordered to pay $1,000 to a local charity chosen by the Owaida family, and Amor Amasio was ordered to provide proof of at least $1 million in civil liability insurance, which could be used to compensate victims.

Hubert said Thursday they could face jail time if they violate the terms of the agreement during the probation period. However, five years later, it will be up to ABC to continue implementation.

Amasios’ lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Prosecutors said Syntyche Amacio was not present on Halloween night, 2019, when Amor Amacio gave Carlo Navarro, who was 20 at the time, a bottle of Jack Daniels in a Green Diamond Liquor, adding that they had no evidence that it Alcohol was made at all for minors.

Later that night, Navarro was drunk driving, losing control of his SUV at Country Club Drive and Los Cerritos Park Place, hitting Joseph Oweida, 30, Rehan Dakhil Oweidah, 32, and their son Omar, aged 3 years old, was also killed. They came home from a relative’s house after a night of trick-or-treating.

“This is one of the most tragic events to have happened in Long Beach and it could have been completely prevented,” Hubert said in a statement. “There is nothing a misdemeanor case can do to bring justice to Awaida’s family, but we hope that this will help prevent a similar tragedy in the future.”

Members of the Awaida family were surprised, but pleased with the result.

“She’s been turned off,” Cecilia Ramos, Joseph Aweidah’s aunt, said by phone Thursday. “She was the direct link in giving Navarro that bottle. We’re so glad she won’t be able to do that again.”

“Were it not for crossing the corridors that night, Joey and his family would be alive today,” she added.

On the night of the accident, video footage showed Navarro and a friend entering the Green Diamond Liquor at Building 5300 of Long Beach Boulevard. City prosecutors said Amore Amasio agreed to give Navarro a $16 bottle of whiskey on debt, with the promise that he would pay her $25 the next day.

Navarro later told police he took four to five shots before driving toward Los Cerritos Park to continue drinking with his friends, according to evidence presented at his trial in late June and early July. As he drove toward the park, he was going nearly 70 miles per hour when he lost control, went to the sidewalk and slammed the family.

Joseph Oweida died at the scene, while his wife and son died days later in the hospital. Navarro remained at the scene and was arrested that night.

Navarro also told investigators that he bought alcohol from the Green Diamond Liquor too many times to remember, according to the evidence at his trial.

On July 5, a jury convicted Navarro, now 23, of three counts of second-degree murder in their deaths. The jury found that he was aware of the dangers of drinking and driving before getting into his SUV that night.

Navarro is due to be sentenced on September 15, when he could face a maximum of 45 years in state prison.

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