Everything you missed this week in San Antonio food

Simply put, there’s so much going on in the local food and drink world that MySA can write an article about everything that’s going on. We don’t need to do that. a point.

But I’m here to say that trees make a sound when they fall in the woods, even when no one is there to hear it. Exciting and innovative things are still happening that you might want to know about. You don’t need to follow every local business in town on Instagram (I see lots of pictures of sandwiches and not many pictures of friends). Save yourself screen time and allow this unique series of events to keep you informed. While many restaurants have closed (RIP 5 Points and Mr. & Mrs G’s) many new projects and menu items are in development.

You can send any news about food and beverages to camille.sauers@mysa.com.

Brother Frank opens in Freight

If you love golden coffee and miss a snack at Bandit BBQ next door, you don’t have to go hungry in Freight Gallery anymore. Brother Frank debuted Friday, July 15, at Bandit Place, and would probably pair best with his morning cappuccino. The breakfast concept claims a bodega-style menu, with offerings such as a bacon sandwich, eggs and cheese, English muffins and stacked pancakes.

look for it: 1913 S. Flores Street

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