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Sweet strawberries are available year-round in grocery stores, but there’s no better time to enjoy them when they’re at their peak, from June to September in Colorado.

First thoughts often go to the classic, sweet, and delicious strawberry cake – and we’ll salute that – but first we’ll introduce some less traditional uses for the heart-shaped fruit.

As in the delicious combos. They can be used to bring out the salty, nutty, and peppery flavors of salads, main dishes, and side dishes.

Co-owner and trainer David Cook, along with Cortney Smith, of Gather Food Studio & Spice Shop offer tips, quick recipe ideas for pairing rubies with delicious ingredients:

• Lay fresh strawberry slices on cheese plates for a splash of color or add a small bowl of balsamic strawberry jam (see recipe) for a sweet and savory flavor on top of cheese-covered biscuits.

• Replace tomatoes with strawberries in salsa sauce.

• Spoon the strawberry sauce over grilled chicken, meat, fish or pork.

• Place strawberry slices in the spinach salad and garnish with sliced ​​toasted almonds.

• Combine grilled shrimp with strawberries to make a lettuce wrap.

• Add strawberries to ceviche (raw fish soaked in lemon juice and served as an appetizer) to balance out the texture of the lemonade.

• A pair of basil and strawberry for a refreshing summer drink.

• Make fresh strawberry puree to add to lemonade and add vodka for a kick.

• Make simple strawberry syrup and add it to sparkling water for mocktails.

• Make strawberry poppers by slicing strawberries in half, then brushing with a little cream cheese and sprinkled with bacon crumbs and jalapeno cubes.

• Try the strawberry harissa salad with a mixture of chopped berries, kalamata olives, coriander, two tablespoons of harissa paste and lemon juice.

Before moving on to the next strawberry recipes, Cook has some tips on preparing, storing, and cooking for the season’s bonus.

“When cooking with strawberries, know that they usually contain a small amount of sugar,” he said. “Generally, about 1 gram per medium-sized strawberry. It is important to store fresh strawberries in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life, but they have the best flavor when allowed to reach room temperature. Also, strawberries are often picked before they are fully ripe on the vine, Which doesn’t allow the strawberries to reach their full flavor.”

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View the following ways to improve the flavor of unripe strawberries to make them richer in flavor.

• Soak the strawberries. They contain about 92% water, so adding a tablespoon or so of sugar to a cup of sliced ​​strawberries and letting them sit for 15 to 20 minutes will draw the liquid out of the strawberries and make them sweeter while making a simple sauce as well.

• Cook the strawberries. Some people like to roast the berries to make them sweeter. Cooking it in desserts or baked goods is also a great way to achieve maximum flavor potential because it concentrates the sugar. Grilling the berries also makes the sugar caramelized, while the charcoal off the grill makes a great flavor to pair with fish.

• Pickled strawberries. Pickled strawberries will be refreshing and accompany all kinds of dishes from grilled meats like chicken and pork to very sugary desserts. Pickled strawberries are also good additions to drinks and make great succulents, also known as drinking vinegar, which are mostly made with vinegar, fruit, aromatics, and sugar.

“Finally, keep in mind that although we see strawberries used a lot in making jam, they are low in pectin content, so you’ll need to make sure you add extra pectin (and sugar) to the jam to make it set or else it will remain liquid,” Cook said.

And now, about that strawberry cake. While you can only buy yellow sponge cakes for the base, Smith has a super easy cookie recipe that creates a great dessert.

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Contact the author: 0271-636.

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