Learn how to start a coffee shop in Georgia from the coffee start-up experts at Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

The coffee start-up experts at Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea recently published an online guide on how to start a coffee shop in Georgia. This award-winning roaster has helped start more than 300 independent coffee shops in 30 states.

Columbus, OhioAnd the July 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – Want to learn how to open a coffee shop in Georgia? Get insider secrets about starting a profitable business in Peach State from the coffee start-up experts at Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea.

With its Seven Steps to Success Coffee Shop Startup Program, Roast’s Macro Roaster 2016 has taught more than 300 entrepreneurs in 30 states how to open a coffee shop.

Now, the company’s 7-Step Coffee Startup Advisory Team has added to its statewide chain of coffee start-up guides, “How to Start a Coffee Shop in Georgia. “

Georgia It is a land of opportunity for many types of small businesses, and coffee shops are no exception,” said Crimson Cup founder and president Greg Obert.

“In fact, Georgia It ranks 48 among states in the number of coffee shops per capita, with less than one coffee shop for every 8,752 Georgia population. This leaves a lot of Georgia Residents don’t have a local coffee shop.”

He noted that Crimson Cup supports three independent cafes in Georgia cities and towns.

These entrepreneurs learned how to open their stores with 7 steps to success in the company’s coffee shop program.

The program is based on Obert’s book, Seven Steps to Success: A Common Sense Guide to Success in Specialty Coffee, which was initially written to help coffee shop customers master all aspects of successful coffee shop operations.

“We help entrepreneurs with little or no coffee experience become thriving coffee shop owners that serve their local communities,” he said. “From choosing a great location and writing a solid business plan for a coffee shop to purchasing and equipping equipment, hiring and training staff and more, our team is here to guide you.”

To listen to the book in Ubert’s own words, download a free prerecorded introduction on Soundcloud.

“As a coffee roasting and coffee business consultant, Crimson Cap believes that our company only succeeds when our customers succeed,” Obert said. As a result, we support coffee shop owners every step of the way, from concept to opening day and beyond. “

A serial entrepreneur who owns 30 Precision Tune Auto Care locations, Mike Scott He was looking for a new business that would be less technical than his other businesses and could be replicated once he learned it. The signature coffee seemed just right.

“We love coffee, and we love the idea of ​​a business that a community can fall in love with,” he said. “We also wanted to give back to our community by donating to local nonprofits.”

Scott found the Crimson Cup while searching for job opportunities online.

“I was looking for a franchise but decided to turn it down as soon as I saw the Crimson Cup ad online,” he said. “Service was great! We love the coffee blends and recipes.”

Hug in a Mug Coffee Company opened in 2017 with our Seven Steps to Success program.

“The most helpful step for me was identifying the location,” Scott said. “Although I already understood the importance of the location, learning what makes a good coffee shop setting was of great value.”

Located on a busy street with plenty of retail and other services, Hug In A Mug Coffee Company offers a full menu of hot, iced and frozen espresso drinks – including mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos – as well as coffee, iced and cold-brewed teas, hot chocolate, fruit juices, and beverages. other customized. Bread, breakfast sandwiches, pastries and desserts complete the menu.

The Hug In A Mug Brew Bar urges coffee lovers to slow down and enjoy hand poured coffee using Hario v60 or Chemex brewing systems. “This is truly an experience for the coffee connoisseur who might have a more discerning palate,” Scott said.

When asked about advice for aspiring coffee shop owners, Scott said, “Go with the Crimson Cup.” He also pointed out the importance of having sufficient capital and funds to start an operation. “It may take a while to get your name out.”

As a one-stop shop for independent coffee shops, Crimson Cup provides award-winning coffee, the best coffee shop supplies in the business, and ongoing support to help the coffee business thrive.

besides Georgia Guide, Crimson Cup recently published guides on how to start a coffee shop in TexasAnd the OhioAnd the North CarolinaAnd the MichiganAnd the PennsylvaniaAnd the IllinoisAnd the Tennessee.

About once a week for the next year, the roaster will publish guides to coffee shop startups statewide on its website. Next up: A guide on how to start a coffee shop in Indiana.

“Although the basics of operating coffee shops remain the same from state to state, economic opportunities, business formation and licensing requirements vary widely,” Obert said. “We are excited to share information and resources to help entrepreneurs accelerate their startup journey.”

He invited anyone considering opening a coffee shop in any state to contact Crimson Cup for guidance.

“If you run into any barriers or just want to discuss your vision with a coffee expert, you can reach our startup team by calling 1-888-800-9224.”

About Crimson Cup for Coffee and Tea

Founded in 1991, the Crimson Cup Company is at the forefront of the coffee industry. Mindful roasting, startup support and global partnerships are consciously designed for the greater good of communities around the world. Among other national accolades, the company has received the 2020 and 2017 Good Food Awards, the 2019 Golden Bean Champion for small franchise/chain roaster and the 2016 Macro Roaster magazine’s Roast of the Year.

The Crimson Cup travels the world in search of the perfect cup – driven by meaningful relationships, honesty and a shared vision for the future. Its Friend2Farmer initiatives promote respect and decency through mutually beneficial collaboration across local and global communities.

Through the Seven Steps to Success Cafe Startup Program, the company teaches entrepreneurs how to open and run independent coffee shops in their local communities. By developing a coffee shop business plan, entrepreneurs gain insight into the cost of opening a coffee shop.

Crimson Cup coffee is available from more than 350 independent coffee shops, grocery stores, college, university, restaurant and food service operations in 30 states, Guam And the Bangladesh. The company also owns several Crimson Cup cafes and a flagship CRIMSON retail store. To learn more, visit crimsoncup.com, or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

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