Learn how to start a coffee shop in Indiana from the coffee shop startup experts at Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Loose Goose Coffee Company, Terre Haute, Indiana

“I needed a coffee expert to lead me through the process, and I was impressed that Crimson Cup depends on my success. Plus, their products are great!” Rachel Target, owner of Los Jose Coffee, Terry Hut, Indiana

Want to learn how to open a coffee shop in Indiana? Get insider secrets about starting a profitable business in Peach State from the coffee start-up experts at Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea.

With its Seven Steps to Success Coffee Shop Startup Program, Roast’s Macro Roaster 2016 has taught more than 300 entrepreneurs in 30 states how to open a coffee shop.

Now, the company’s coffee startup advisory team has added 7 Steps to its statewide chain of cafe startup guides, with “How to Start a Coffee Shop in Indiana.”

“Indiana is a land of opportunity for many types of small businesses, and coffee shops are no exception,” said Crimson Cup founder and president Greg Ubert.

“In fact, Indiana ranks 48th among states in the number of coffee shops per capita, with less than one coffee shop for every 8,752 Indiana residents. This leaves many Indiana residents without a local coffee shop.”

He noted that the Crimson Cup supports four independent coffee shops in Indiana cities and towns.

These entrepreneurs learned how to open their stores with 7 steps to success in the company’s coffee shop program.

The program is based on Obert’s book, Seven Steps to Success: A Common Sense Guide to Success in Specialty Coffee, which was initially written to help coffee shop customers master all aspects of successful coffee shop operations.

“We help entrepreneurs with little or no coffee experience become thriving coffee shop owners that serve their local communities,” he said. “From choosing a great location and writing a solid business plan for a coffee shop to purchasing and equipping equipment, hiring and training staff and more, our team is here to guide you.”

To listen to the book in Ubert’s own words, download a free prerecorded introduction on Soundcloud.

“As a coffee roaster and coffee business consultant, Crimson Cup believes that our company only succeeds when our customers succeed,” Obert said. “As a result, we support coffee shop owners every step of the way, from concept to opening day and beyond.”

Rachel and Richard Targett opened the Loose Goose Coffee Company in 2021 to build a business around community, coffee, and their love of dogs.

At 3020 S. Seventh Street on the south side of Terre Haute, the shop offers a warm and friendly place to bond with hot, iced or blended coffee brews and local baked goods. The car window through the car serves coffee lovers on the go.

After working as a barista and retail manager, Rachel Target wanted to open her own store to control quality and customer service.

“I wanted a barista to be my job forever,” she said. “I enjoy interacting quickly with people throughout the day.”

Even with her experience in the coffee industry, she knew she needed support to open her own shop.

“I came across the Crimson Cup when I was researching coffee products and consultants,” she recalls.

“I needed a coffee expert to lead me through the process, and I was impressed that Crimson Cup success depends on mine. Plus, their products are great!”

Steve Bayliss, Project Manager and 7-Step Trainer, visited the store the week before the demo opening to train the Targets family and baristas in brewing and all aspects of café management.

A few months later, client growth representative Heather Serrana is back to help ensure the grand opening festivities are a success.

The coffee roasted by the Crimson Cup has been warmly received by local coffee aficionados. The craft and specialty of the exceptional roaster has won top honors in Good Food Awards, Golden Bean North America, Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year and other competitions.

One Facebook reviewer said, “I’ve been in the coffee business for a decade and am pretty bummed about my coffee. I had an Americano today that was super smooth and probably the best I’ve had at Terre Haute in a very long time. They buy their coffee from a large roaster that provides their customers with Excellent support. If you are a coffee lover, this is a must.”

After working with Bayless and Ciranna, Rachel Targett said she found Step 5, Focus on Training, the most valuable.

“I don’t know where I’d be without that happening,” she said. “It was definitely the best part of the experience.”

Along with the Indiana guide, Crimson Cup recently published guides on how to start a coffee shop in Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, and Georgia.

About once a week for the next year, the roaster will publish statewide coffee shop startup guides on its website. Next up: a guide on how to start a coffee shop in Kentucky.

“Although the basics of operating coffee shops remain the same from state to state, economic opportunities, business formation and licensing requirements vary widely,” Obert said. “We are excited to share information and resources to help entrepreneurs accelerate their startup journey.”

He invited anyone considering opening a coffee shop in any state to contact Crimson Cup for guidance.

“If you run into any barriers or just want to discuss your vision with a coffee expert, you can reach our startup team by calling 1-888-800-9224.”

About Crimson Cup for Coffee and Tea

Founded in 1991, the Crimson Cup Company is at the forefront of the coffee industry. Mindful roasting, startup support and global partnerships are consciously designed for the greater good of communities around the world. Among other national accolades, the company has received the 2020 and 2017 Good Food Awards, the 2019 Golden Bean Champion for small franchise/chain roaster and the 2016 Macro Roaster magazine’s Roast of the Year.

The Crimson Cup travels the world in search of the perfect cup – driven by meaningful relationships, honesty and a shared vision for the future. Its Friend2Farmer initiatives promote respect and decency through mutually beneficial collaboration across local and global communities.

Through the Seven Steps to Success Cafe Startup Program, the company teaches entrepreneurs how to open and run independent coffee shops in their local communities. By developing a coffee shop business plan, entrepreneurs gain insight into the cost of opening a coffee shop.

Crimson Cup coffee is available through more than 350 independent coffee shops, grocery stores, college and university, restaurants and food services in 30 states, Guam and Bangladesh. The company also owns several Crimson Cup cafes and a flagship CRIMSON retail store. To learn more, visit crimsoncup.com, or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

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