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Brian Schaffer / SMDP Intern

As part of the “Top Dog Offers” series, local espresso bar goodboybob is teaming up with FRINJ coffee, a California-harvested roaster, to create a unique coffee tasting and celebrate tastes from all over America.

This Saturday, July 16, at 2 p.m., individuals are invited to join a discussion and tasting experience, which features light and medium roasts from Santa Barbara and Kona, Hawaii, for free. All attendees will receive a tasting trip of three cups of fresh brew and their own complimentary pastry set, plus 20% off the event’s signature coffee.

“I think people often drink coffee, but don’t taste coffee,” said Jay Rusky, co-founder and CEO of FRINJ, which aims to make people more appreciative of the great tastes that coffee has to offer. He strives for people to think of coffee the same way when it comes to wine.

“Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how people will order a $15 glass of wine and not think about it, but a $7 cup of coffee will freak them out,” Rusky said. “How much labor a farmer gets from that cup of coffee doesn’t equate to wine.”

After years of selling at farmers’ markets, Rusky began harvesting coffee beans in 2000 when he was looking to grow new crops and received many recommendations from fellow farm consultants. Over the course of 15 years, Russky has been cultivating coffee beans, and with increasing consumer interest in premium coffee, he has realized the value of creating his own brand of coffee. Rusky officially founded FRINJ in 2017 along with Andy Mullins, Juan Medrano and Lindsey Mesta.

According to Risky, there are many advantages to growing coffee locally rather than importing from abroad, both from a production and quality point of view. Due to California’s cold climate and the change in latitudes, growers can imitate tall cups of coffee representing some of the best coffee from the highest elevations in Central America.

In addition, respect for farmers is at the heart of FRINJ’s philosophy. Because of the conscious and technical cultivation that goes into producing each cup, the company believes the money is best spent reinvesting in the plants, land, and people who make that a reality.

“We make sure the farmer gets half the value back in his pocket,” Rusky said. “This is another advantage of buying FRINJ Coffee is that we have established growers and we do everything we can to make sure that the farmer benefits from growing coffee.”

Rossky will lead the experience, starting with a demonstration of how the coffee is brewed by hand with a presentation on each cup, before attendees receive a one-on-one tasting trip with free-to-eat meals, made with local ingredients like lime caviar and passion fruit.

“I think a lot of avid coffee drinkers don’t really get a chance to meet people like that, on the other end,” said Josh Chu, director of goodboybob stores. “You know, they meet the baristas, sometimes they meet the roasters or the owners of the coffee companies, but the farmers … it’s a completely different experience.”

The tasting will be followed by a live Q&A and will conclude at approximately 3:15pm

Those interested in getting involved can meet at 2058 Broadway or RSVP here: https://goodboybob.com/products/top-dog-present-celebrating-usa-coffee.

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