Local Express to provide delivery service to food and beverage retailers through Walmart GoLocal

Bentonville, Ark. – (work wire) – Independent food and beverage companies across the country have increased access to same-day or next-day delivery via Local Express through Walmart GoLocal, Walmart’s introduction of white label as a service. This collaboration will enable Local Express, a comprehensive e-commerce platform for food retailers, to expand its delivery capabilities to serve additional businesses in areas including Chicago, Miami and Arlington, Texas.

Local Express is the first Walmart GoLocal customer to focus more broadly on specialty food and beverage retailers such as independent local grocers, bakeries and restaurants as Walmart GoLocal expands and markets commercially among small, medium and large businesses.

Local Express is focused on modernizing the e-commerce experience for food and beverage retailers everywhere. “As there continues to be strong consumer demand for delivery, it is especially important for retailers to have a seamless online ordering and delivery experience,” said Bajrat Saffaryan, CEO of Local Express. “Our collaboration with Walmart GoLocal will enable our food and beverage providers to offer convenient, low-cost delivery to their customers and maintain their competitive edge.”

Walmart GoLocal serves businesses of all sizes and uses Walmart’s delivery infrastructure and expertise to enable local businesses to get their products to customers more efficiently and at a lower cost. Over the past three years, Walmart has expanded its local delivery network to serve more than 2,000 retail locations across the country.

“We are excited to work with Local Express to provide low-cost, customizable delivery capabilities to independent food and beverage providers,” said Harsit Patel, general manager and vice president of Walmart GoLocal. “Walmart’s scale, delivery infrastructure, and world-class operations mean we can achieve reliability for business owners while they focus on serving their customers.”

With more than 500 in-store stores, Local Express offers brand web stores, mobile apps, self-checkout and kiosks for customer convenience, as well as AI tools to manage fulfillment, inventory, deliveries and shipments.

“We know how important delivery is to our customers, and they want this process to be as reliable and efficient as possible,” said Jonas C. “Working with Local Express and now Walmart GoLocal will help us pursue a new channel and bring our products to more customers with the convenience and ease they expect.”

Walmart GoLocal continues to expand and sign new customers. For more information about Walmart GoLocal, please visit www.walmartgolocal.com. For more information about Local Express, visit localexpress.io.

About Local Express

Local Express creates online and in-store experiences and brings them together through an all-in-one e-commerce platform, built specifically for those in the independent food and beverage space – butchers, delis, bakeries, and grocers. With Local Express, food retailers can offer branded digital tools for customer convenience, while increasing productivity with AI tools to manage fulfillment, inventory, deliveries and shipments. Local Express offers seamless multi-channel technology solutions, unparalleled customer support, and incredibly fast setup. Local Express is your partner in success.

About Walmart

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