Nature’s delicacies! This Bengaluru-based startup entices the taste buds with healthy food

Founded in June 2017, Justbe Resto Café is India’s first whole food plant-based resto cafe that believes in expressing the ancient wisdom “we are what we eat”. Justbe resto café is built in a 90-year-old heritage building that was initially the “Library of Communication” and later converted into a community centre, and aims to combine wellness with an inclusive lifestyle.

Founded by Nidhi Nahata, a registered dietitian, health coach and nutritional therapist, Justbe’s ambition is to educate and inspire people to learn the art of eating that is intentional for our body by nature. The startup strives to build a future where all-vegetarian food is eaten, respected, and served with love and compassion.

Justbe’s mission is to create a relationship with nature’s food that has the power to nurture, heal and reconnect with our instincts for optimal health by building a support system to create a safer world for animals and the environment with a sustainable lifestyle.

Nidhi Sculptor’s vision of a healthy world

Founder Nidhi Nahata who comes from a psychological background is also a SHARAN certified health coach who provides diet counseling and conducts awareness talks on nutrition.

Sculptor while talking Indian logical About the idea behind this innovative startup, he said: “After adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle, and consuming food as close to nature as possible, I have experienced nothing but miracles – personally and also with my clients, who chose this lifestyle after a consulting session. “.

I never thought I would engage in such a lifestyle in this way, but today it changed my purpose and mission for the rest of my life and led me to open a whole food plant based vegan restaurant in Bangalore, she added. .

Is it effective for weight management?

A plant-based diet that inadvertently includes whole foods helps with weight management, as it reduces major factors contributing to the production of fat cells in the body, such as refined flour, sugar, oil, and animal fats. Without these ingredients in food, a person begins to lose weight naturally and can also eat larger meals.

“We don’t realize how many of our bodies’ problems stem from processed foods, and only when we start eliminating them from our diet and start feeling better do we realize the damage they caused in the first place,” said the sculptor. To live a sustainable lifestyle.

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