The café offers residents a greater place to sip

Jackson, Tennessee – Locals get a taste of the new location.

If you need a place to grab a cup of joe and want to support a local business. A coffee shop has moved to a larger location in downtown Jackson.

Turntable Coffee was at LOCAL, a space for small businesses to test their business on a smaller scale, compared to a larger one.

“We’ve been at LOCAL for about 15 months, so these leases last about two years, so it was time for us to move into a more permanent space. And we saw the need for an independent coffee shop in Jackson, where people could come together not just for good coffee and good food, But they have the space to nurture a good community,” said Becca Crissy, Baker/Marketing, Turntable Coffee.

The new building is located at 300 East Main, downtown. You can not only get coffee, but also buy books and records. All three of LOCAL’s shops are gathered in one building.

“The turntable was moved into this building and there was a lot of space and Light Trap Books was also at LOCAL, so she was looking for somewhere else to go, so it made sense to team up,” Chrissy said.

The shop will be open on weekdays from 7am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm and closed on Sundays.

“With this move, we’ve expanded our business to do all the home baked goods, so we’ll rotate the menu annually. So while that menu will work during the summer, then we’ll swap it out in the fall for a coffee menu, so you’ll have food and drinks with sourced ingredients. Local and regional when we can,” Chrissy said.

Now that Turntable Coffee has a permanent place to stay, LOCAL will welcome three new small businesses into the space.

“LOCAL was a really great opportunity to incubate the business, gain a client following and really master the profession. When we felt we were ready to move on, we could go ahead and know we were going to succeed in this larger new space,” said Chrissy.

If you want to try some of this summer’s coffee flavors, you can order it online for pick-up or visit it at the store.

You can find Turntable Coffee at 300 East Main St. In downtown Jackson, or visit Facebook at

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