5 Worst Alcoholic Drinks for High Blood Pressure, Nutritionists Say – Don’t Eat This

High blood pressure may feel uncomfortable, especially when you want some of your favorite foods and drinks. Fortunately, there are ways you can consume the things you love while also controlling your blood pressure levels.

When it comes to drinking alcohol, it is important for those with high blood pressure to drastically limit their consumption. However, if it is approved by your doctor and you are in the mood to treat yourself, choosing a healthier alcoholic beverage is key.

To find out more about which alcoholic beverages you should not choose, we spoke with some expert nutritionists. Read on to find out their picks for the worst alcoholic beverages to drink for high blood pressure. Then be sure to check out the worst alcoholic drinks for blood sugar.

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Although they are delicious and usually reasonably priced, drinks mixed with soda like whiskey and coke or vodka and sprite may not be the best for high blood pressure.

“There is evidence that added sugar can raise blood pressure. Soft drinks contain a lot of added sugar, so when you mix alcohol with a sugar-sweetened drink, you can have a greater impact on blood pressure, especially if you drink multiple drinks,” says a specialist. feed recorder Callie McMurdy, MCN, RDN.

Wisconsin Bloody Mary
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Bloody Marys are a popular choice for brunch, but although people might assume they’re healthier because of the veggies, that’s not usually the case for those with high blood pressure.

“Between the mixture of tomato juice and pickle, Bloody Marys are high in sodium, which can raise blood pressure, especially in individuals who are sensitive to sodium,” McMurdy says.

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Dessert cocktails are a delicious after-dinner option, but those who are watching their blood pressure may benefit from choosing something else.

“Any dessert cocktail that contains ice cream, such as mudslide or grasshopper, will be high in saturated fat, which can exacerbate symptoms of high blood pressure,” Maple Lee RDN, CDCESregistered dietitian and co-founder of The Nutrition Queens.

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Margaritas are a summertime staple, especially if you’re hanging out with friends and family at the beach. But if you want to keep your blood pressure levels in check, you’ll want to try something with less sodium and added sugars.

“With the salty rim and the typical sugary mix, a margarita can affect blood pressure with its sodium content and added sugars. Don’t order salt on the rim and order a classic style margarita, which is usually made with real lemon juice and is a light on sweetener for less sugar,” says McMurdy.

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“Dirty martini are based primarily on liquor, which means they are high in alcohol, which has more impact on blood pressure than lower ABV drinks,” says McMurdy. It also includes a high-sodium olive brine, which adds to the effect. on blood pressure. .

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