Accused drunk driver says he ‘drinks alcohol like coffee’

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Racine County, Wisconsin (Wisconsin) — A Milwaukee man accused of his third operation while working under the influence told a Racine County deputy that he’s been drinking alcohol since he was 9 and “drinks alcohol like coffee,” according to a criminal complaint.

On July 12, a deputy said she spotted 51-year-old James Fuersteinau driving recklessly westward on State Highway 20 near Highway H.

She found the driver’s white SUV and made a very dangerous stop on 7 Mile Road near East Frontage Road.

Two deputies approached the car and the man got out of the car. Representative Bell said she could smell the strong smell of liqueur from the man, according to the criminal complaint.

I asked Bill Fuerstenau if there was a reason to smell alcohol on him. He said, “Yes, I had a couple after work.”

While speaking with other deputies at the scene, Beall was told they could see open liqueurs along the passenger side floorboard of Fuerstenau’s car.

Bell walked past the passengers in the car and could smell the liqueur emanating from them. Bell said she saw a tall green one open four Loco liquor cans and three Nature Ice beer cans open in the car, according to the criminal complaint.

Fuerstenau had a driver’s license revoked due to a previous operation while he was convicted of influence and a valid arrest warrant for his arrest.

The results of the blood test are still pending, but Fuersteinu was arrested for working under the influence.

Fuerstenau admitted to drinking starting at 5:30 a.m. that day and using cocaine before he went to work.

He then admitted that he had eaten Four Lock, a natural ice, and had smoked marijuana when he had lunch around 12 to 1 p.m.

According to the complaint, Fuersteinau said he drank alcohol while driving on the road and said, “I was drinking and driving.”

He was also charged with driving a vehicle while it was being revoked, and two misdemeanor counts of jumping bail.

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