Niklas Englen says Jesper Stromblad’s alcohol addiction is an ‘ongoing battle’: ‘He has his demons to fight with’

halo effectThe new project features five former members of the Swedish metal band on fireJesper Stromblad (guitar), Daniel Svenson (drums), Peter Ayers (deep voice) by Niklas Engel (guitar) and Michael Stan (Singing) – She will release her first album, “Lost Days”on August 12 via nuclear explosion.

halo effect It was officially launched last year, after more than a decade Stromblad Resigned on fire In order to continue treatment for his alcoholism.

He was asked in a new interview with Australia “Scars and guitars” podcast how Jesperhealth these days, Niklas He said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NETHe has his demons to fight with. We’re with him in this fight. We support him, and it’s all about love. He’s in the band, he’s a band member, but it’s day to day, I guess — but mostly road Better than it was…it’s complete support and love. And he’s in a better place now than he was now, as I mentioned. So it will be on stage [with] We, as much as he can do it, feel strong about it. No pressure on us. He should feel good about it.”

As for how halo effect You will deal with future tour activities if Jesper unable to walk the road, Niklas He said, “Yes, we have some ideas behind it. I can’t talk about it here and now. We’re in the process of solving that. But the main goal is to get Jesper On board as much as he can do and feel strong about it. Then if somehow he can’t do it, we support him and we are with him along the way. And we’ll find solutions to that because… this is a group of friends. This is just death metal in Gothenburg, and we are among friends here, as it was in the ’90s, early ’90s. We will resolve things in a positive way.”

after departure on fireAnd the Stromblad formed Resistance with hoop frame (singing, kicked out) And the Glenn Leungstrom (guitar, ex-on fire). Stromblad He announced his departure from that band in March 2016, with the band’s bassist, Rob Hakimosaying in an interview that Jesper “rescued” Resistance By quitting smoking and explaining that the guitarist is an “alcoholic,” “hooked,” and “didn’t want to.” [get] sober.” rob He added: “[Jesper] thought that two weeks [sober] He’s fine, and then he can drink some. And then he went for a month, then came back not drinking [for a short while]. It’s sad, and we really tried to help him and wanted the best [for him]. So when he told us “I’m leaving the band” we were relieved. We were really relieved.”

halo effect It debuted live on June 11 at Swedish rock festival In Sölvesborg, Sweden. The fan-made video of the performance can be viewed below.

your back He was sitting outside on fireThe tour has been dating for the past three and a half years, but has never officially confirmed his departure from the band. your backsubstitute for on fireLive shows since then have been a precedent Mega and current act of defense guitar player Chris Broderick.

halo effectThe first-of-its-kind tour will be a support act for Swedish giants Metal Metal Amon MARTH The US metallers machine head On 31 dates across Europe in the summer and fall of 2022.

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