OKC Café remembers the death of a colleague in a crash

Not Your Average Joe’s coffee shop in Oklahoma City is remembering a beloved co-worker after he was hit and killed by a car in June.

John Hayes used to serve coffee behind the counter, and now a picture on the wall honors his life.

“Heartbeat stopped, not your average Joe,” said CEO, Tim Herbel. “My own did too.”

Tim Herbel and his staff at Not Your Average Joe are now with a vacancy in the store.

“For us, John was the guy who made the homemade ice cream. John was the guy who did all the kitchen work there. He was the guy who was training everyone how to do things. He did our heavy-duty logistics,” Herbel said. very. Right now, I hear the conversation there, I hear the music, I hear the espresso machine, but I don’t hear John.”

There is also a void in the hearts of people who are trying to keep going.

Co-worker Danielle Robinson said, “He was the best person on earth. We miss him so much. He became a friend and a brother, a good and a good human being.”

Robinson has worked alongside John for years. John has been part of the Herbal family for decades.

“John then came to every Thanksgiving for the next 30 years, but my mom and dad were his mom and dad,” Herbel said. “He was really like a surrogate.”

Then on June 6, Tim got a call first from a number he didn’t know, and then from John’s phone. On the other end was the chaplain from OU’s ER.

“It’s like hi, he was crossing the street at 140 and Eastern. He got stuck in a car. They realized he was bleeding internally. He coded it and they worked on it for 30 minutes and they didn’t get it,” Herbel said.

John was on his way to a doctor’s appointment when he was injured. It’s a situation the OCPD has seen several times this summer.

“Most motorized pedestrian collisions happen in the middle of a building, not in a crosswalk.” OCPD MSgt Explained. Gary Knight.

Since that day, it’s been a lot quieter around the cafe, the average Joe trying to keep his heartbeat.

“Some of them come to work, I’m working today with John. I’m going to work hard today for John because he worked so hard. John is gone physically but his presence is still here,” Herbel said.

Joe Not The Ordinary You is also looking for volunteers to help their employees with intellectual disabilities get to and from work. To volunteer, visit their website.

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