Store owner who gave whiskey to a minor involved in the deadly Long Beach crash is forbidden from selling alcohol

Amy Garcia lays a flower bouquet in November 2019 at a memorial near the site where Joseph and Rehan Oweidah and their 3-year-old son Omar were beaten and killed by a DUI driver on Halloween night in Long Beach. (Gina Verazzi/Los Angeles Times)

The Long Beach District Attorney’s Office said the owners and operators of a Long Beach liquor store that gave a bottle of whiskey to a minor who later killed a family while drunk driving in 2019 received a life ban from selling alcohol.

Omar Amasio, 60, of Norwalk, pleaded guilty Wednesday to supplying Carlo Navarro, now 20, with Green Diamond Liquor on Halloween night in 2019. A few hours later, he beat Navarro and killed his parents and 3 years old. His old son while they were walking on the sidewalk in Los Cerritos Park.

The Long Beach Post reported that Navarro was convicted of three counts of murder on July 5.

Amacio was permanently banned from holding a liquor license in California and was sentenced to 364 days in prison, five years of probation and 720 hours of community service. The newspaper reported that the time in custody may be under house arrest.

Amacio is also required to provide proof of at least $1 million in civil liability insurance, which can be used to offset the family.

“This is one of the most tragic events in Long Beach that could have been completely avoided,” Long Beach City Attorney Doug Hubert said in a statement. “There is nothing a misdemeanor case can do to bring justice to the Awaida family, but we hope that this will help prevent a similar tragedy in the future.”

Prosecutors said a videotape showed Amasio handing a bottle of whiskey to Navarro “without asking for identification or paying for the bottle,” the attorney general’s office said.

Navarro said Amasio knew he was under 21 and had sold him alcohol on previous occasions.

“According to Navarro, he was asked to bring $25 to the store the next day to pay for the $16 bottle of whiskey,” the prosecutor’s office said.

A few hours later, Navarro beat and killed Joseph Oweida, 30, his wife, Rehan Oweidah, 32, and their 3-year-old son, Omar.

Amacio’s daughter, Syntyche Amacio, 28, has also been banned from selling alcoholic beverages. On Wednesday, she pleaded guilty to obstructing licensing terms to become the “paper owner” of Green Diamond Liquor after her mother pleaded guilty to welfare fraud in 2018 and lost the license to a former store.

Prosecutors allege that the new store was operated by Amor Potestades Amacio, and not by Syntyche, and that the license was required in the Syntyche Amacio name because ABC officials had not issued a new license to sell liquor to Amor.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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