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In the warmer months—especially on those wet, swampy days—cooking can become a chore. Fortunately, plenty of cookbooks are released in the spring and summer to keep home chefs inspired and excited to experiment in the kitchen. From Italian influences to authentic Australian ingredients and American-Korean fusion, these are just some of our favorite cookbooks this season.

Korean American: Food that tastes like at home

From Korean American food writer Eric Kim, Korean America: Food that tastes like home ($31) It’s a cookbook, part memoir, and part archive. It’s a journey that explores Kim’s identity as a Korean-American, through anecdotes, family recipes, and mixed dishes that recall the early immigration era. On the pages, readers will find dishes like jalapeno-marinated chicken tacos with watermelon, shrimp, grits, and grilled seaweed. It’s fun and dynamic, but also thoughtful and full of true family stories – like many of the most memorable meals.

Black Food: Stories, Art, and Recipes from Across the African Diaspora [A Cookbook]

Curated by award-winning chef and activist Bryant Terry and published by 4 Color Books, Black food: stories, arts, and recipes from across the African diaspora (cookbook) ($38) Goes through time and location to capture the broad pluralism of black culture. With recipes, poetry, artwork, and articles that explore the intrinsic relationship of food to society and history within the diaspora, this rich cookbook includes the work of more than 100 black stars, including visuals from Black Panther Party creative Emory Douglas. Featuring a mix of traditional, contemporary, and remixes (from Narcissus chicken ramen by Susan Barr to gumbo and shrimp borlo by PJ Dennis) as well as an original playlist curated by Terry himself, this book is a treasure trove that readers will be delighted to lose within themselves.

Asian Green: Everyday Vegetarian Recipes Inspired by the East

Award-winning chef Ching-He Huang shares inspiring and delicious vegetarian meals in her latest cookbook, Asian Green: Everyday Vegetarian Recipes Inspired by the East ($24). Ching Divine dishes draw inspiration from different types of Asian cuisine – and often include protein-rich ingredients. This list of exciting vegetarian and vegan recipes supports anyone looking to cut back on meat consumption.

Mapo Mapo: A Cookbook for Australian Cuisine

A professional chef for more than 25 years, Norne Biro – a Comet on the Isle of Mer in the Torres Strait – has released her first cookbook, Mapo Mapo ($30) earlier this year. The book is named after her company Mabu Mabu, which includes a catering service, small-scale products and two venues – Tuckshop and Big Esso – in Melbourne, Australia, but the name itself originates from a ferry in Meriam Mir (spoken in the eastern Torres Strait Islands, the first language of Peru ) which means “help yourself”. Growing up on Mer Island and Moa Island, Bero often foraged, fished and cooked with her father, and she shares many ideas about sourcing (and substituting) ingredients indigenous to Australia. Some featured recipes include pumpkin and cannabis inhibitor, kangaroo tail bourguignon and salt butter. Ultimately, the book is about more than just cooking, it’s about how food is a means of communication.

Natural Flavor: Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes

Brothers Craig and Sean McCanoff – both of Jamaican descent and living in south London – have collaborated to develop the vibrant recipes in Natural Flavor: Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes ($27), A book full of Caribbean influences and Italian inspiration (The Rastafari Diet Focused on Health and Energy). Using ingredients like plantain, ackee, yams, jackfruit, guava and more, McAnuffs (who are behind Original Flava) guide home chefs with innovative classic adaptations and new and experimental ideas.

Dough making: recipes and proportions for the perfect pastry

with Dough making: recipes and proportions for the perfect pastry ($25), food writer Russell van Kraayenburg aims to help novice bakers understand the steps—and five simple ingredients—behind homemade dough. Over 192 pages, complete with simple instructions and diagrams, Van Kraayenburg opens up a world of delicious and delicious desserts. There are also trips and tricks to ensure success.

Whole vegetables

Sophie Gordon Whole vegetables ($18) Includes 130 recipes that will wow vegans with their creativity, but are also accessible to those just trying all-vegetarian meals. In addition to the recipes, chef and dinner club host Gordon offers tips for reducing food waste and using fruits and vegetables in unconventional ways. Filled with practical ideas (from simmering cauliflower stalks to using celery leaves as a garnish) to deeper dishes (like cashew and rhubarb cheesecake and zucchini lasagna), the book is sorted by season—and summer is the perfect place to start.

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