This small European country whips up some of the most unique ice cream flavors on Earth

Something that tastes so good that you’re ready to travel halfway around the world? That’s what the Lithuanian Tourism Development Agency is counting on this summer.

The Lithuanian Travel Company offers a variety of interesting flavors of ice cream developed by the country’s chefs. Forget chocolate, vanilla, and all the standards. In Lithuania, it’s the funky flavors that make the treat.

“Contemporary Lithuanian chefs have taken this experimental culinary heritage to new heights, drawing inspiration from local ingredients, and playing with unique seasonal recipes from frozen dessert,” the agency said in a statement.

But before your taste buds are ready for something special, be prepared. These are, shall we say, different. Whether it’s dill, quince, or even mackerel – if you can imagine – these are flavors aimed at the exotic tourist’s senses.

Here are 10 flavors that the agency says are worth a visit.

1. Cricket ice cream with black sesame or vanilla

Let’s get the really weird one off the bat. Insects have become a part of Lithuanian meals lately, so Marijampole’s Central Grill & Lounge added crunchy protein to this dessert.

2. Mackerel ice cream with breadcrumbs

Yes, this really is a combination of seafood and dessert, but the chefs at Apvalaus Stalo Clubs in Trakai claim the subtle fish smoke, combined with berries and lemon, makes a sweet and savory treat.

3. Seaweed Ice Cream with Caramel Crunch

Another range of seafood and desserts is found at Vila Komoda in the coastal town of Palanga, and this treat also includes hazelnut oil and black sturgeon roe. It is aimed at travelers who want to see, touch and savor the sea in the pleasure of adventure.

4. Linden blossom tea ice cream

Linden blossom tea is a staple in the country, both as a folk medicine and as a botanical and herbal flavor. Jurgis ir Drakonas and Brooklyn Brothers have put the flavor on restaurant dessert menus, selling it as a health-boosting ingredient for their after-dinner meal.

5. Buckwheat Ice Cream

The owners of Vista Puode in Kaunas believe: Why not put a few cereals in the ice cream? The result is a treat flavored with hazelnuts and mixed berries for a tangy addition.

6. Sakutis Ice Cream

Sakutis is Lithuanian seitan and is the centerpiece of any holiday table. Soft, sweet cake and buttercream are added to ice cream to give it a light taste. It can be found at Ertlio Namas in the capital, Vilnius.

7. Nettle Ice Cream

Nettle is a sharp-leafed plant used to treat diabetes. As a flavoring in ice cream, found in Velvetti on Druskininkai, it adds a grassy and earthy taste to the dessert with a very fragrant aroma.

8. Black Activated Charcoal Ice Cream

You read that right: Charcoal is the main ingredient in this AJ Sokoladas Caf├ę treat. But that’s not even half of it. Charcoal hides the coconut and vanilla in the ice cream, giving you flavor you’d never expect when serving a blackened dish.

9. Dill Ice Cream

Yes dill. Dziaugsmas are found in Vilnius as well as fish and other dishes as a decoration with its strong flavour, in ice cream. Its taste is what you would expect, with its herbal, herbal flavour.

10. Quince Ice Cream

Taste Map in Vilnius takes the fruit and adds it to the smooth cream, creating a fragrant and strong flavor that is sweet and tart.

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