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SALISBURY – A coffee station with a twist has been added to the list of local venues serving specialty lattes and unique dishes at the coffee shop setting.

ByGood Coffee, at its current location in Winston-Salem, opened at 1621 W. Innes Street where Hoff’s Grill formerly operated. Co-owners Daryl and Abby Garner knew the place was the perfect introduction point to the Salisbury community.

“We want more people to enjoy and adopt our product,” said Abby Garner.

ByGood Coffee has a range of unique blends and menu options, including latte with art, red velvet drinks, Belgian pancakes with homemade vanilla-infused whipped cream, gluten-free and vegan options, various milk alternatives and cakes. Abby grinds the tea by hand while her partner roasts the coffee beans in Winston-Salem. The loose leaf tea will also be available for brewing at home.

The store uses beans rated from 84 to 89 for the most honest flavour. The store-bought light-to-medium roast is most likely a breakfast brew, Daryl said, but a dark roast would also be another option at any time. He added that light coffee also provides more caffeine for those looking for a little help getting up.

The shop seats 15 indoors with an outdoor deck that seats 35.

When asked why the name ByGood was spelled, Abbey said it was “only the U lost.”

The minor opening took place Thursday and Friday with a revised menu of drinks and pastries, and Abe said she was happy with the trial run.

She said Friday as she navigated the store, from behind the counter to a table where she had her laptop open for work and then outside to check in with someone who clipped the crepe myrtle from the front. Everything the store offers, and by Saturday Abe said it will offer Jamaican meat pies, with plans to eventually offer vegan and spinach fillings. “We only take one step at a time, starting with the basics and figuring out what our customers want, before adding new items. And vegan pies are very time consuming, so I want to make sure we have a call for them. As long as we do that, I’ll do it. You know it’s Good for dinner, lunch, snacks, and even breakfast.”

On Saturday, the grand opening was held with a full roster to officially start the opening. The store closed one last day today to tie up any loose ends and will reopen Monday on a normal operating schedule. Opening hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 8 am to 3 pm

Noble Smith, who started working at the store on Thursday and was already adept at making latte, was “really excited to be here, I had a great time,” he said, and He is looking forward to meeting clients.

They rented the property from Wallace Realty, and according to Daryl, the company worked with the duo to bring their art drinks to one of Salisbury’s busiest avenues. They have been preparing to open since 2020.

“We really like this location because it is close to Catawba College and the hospital,” he said. “We’ve looked at places like High Point and Charlotte, but we think we have something to offer here in Salisbury which is something special.”

Daryl originally served the community of Long Island, New York, before reaching out to some friends about business opportunities in Winston-Salem. In 2018, they moved the café to its current location adjacent to the old Salem and Salem College community. His daughter, Jamilia Smith, still runs this site while they focus on Salisbury.

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