A hidden gem of authentic Korean cuisine at Ara Damansara [Non-halal]

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There’s nothing better than a hot bowl of roast beef stew on a cold night. And if you enjoy Korean food, you know it is All about it.

This hidden gem hidden away in an unassuming row of shops on Ara Damansara is bound to delight Korean fans with its authentic fare that is perfect for sharing.

The soy sauce pork marinade set comes with cheese and soup of your choice.
(Credit: Ann Doral/TRP)

MiMi Korean Restaurant’s menu is mostly Korean-style soup and grilled meat, but they also have a smaller selection of ├á la carte dishes such as bibimbap And the japchi.

The most popular (and value for money) options were set dinners, so we tried the fan-favorite Soy Sauce Marinade Pork set that comes with roast beef, Korean pancake, cheese, fried cabbage, and your choice of soup.

taste test

The meat comes cooked perfectly so you can dig in right away, and you’ll definitely want to do that. The meat is succulent and beautifully marinated for the perfect crunchy bite. The soy sauce dressing wasn’t too salty, but it had enough umami to really get you in the right place.

To eat the traditional dish ssam Method, the meat should be wrapped with lettuce and other additives. Take a piece of meat and dip it in the melted cheese. Then wrap it in fresh lettuce. Add chopped garlic and hot pepper. Top it all with a dash of ssamjang and salt.

The traditional way to eat poison is mainly lettuce wraps.
(Credit: Ann Doral/TRP)

Every bite is a wonderful batch of the spicy, juicy meat, the salty sweetness of melted mozzarella, and the succulent freshness of lettuce.

Homemade kimchi soup with rich flavors that delight the appetite. However, kimchi is served here (soup or as a side dish banchan) is on the spicier side, so those who are intolerant of heat may want to opt for a non-spicy soup instead.

Talking about banchanGet ready for a delicious, refillable spread of traditional Korean side dishes like pickled cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, spicy kimchi, noodles and more. Every side dish is so excellent, the plates may be empty before your main arrival.

A traditional spread of Korean Banchan side dishes. (Credit: Ann Doral/TRP)

Although pie may seem like the simplest dish on the table, it is far from simple in taste. It is simple but certainly impressive with its bright flavors that complement your meal.

Korean pancake may look simple, but it certainly doesn’t taste simple.
(Credit: Ann Doral/TRP)


This is one of those places where you want to store any knowledge of its existence. Although hidden in a convenience store, the restaurant is a full house and often has a waiting line (which thankfully clears relatively quickly).

Everything on the menu is excellent and will surely satiate any craving you have for Korean food (and absolutely destroy you for average Korean food). The portions are also quite large, so bring your appetite or friends to share the food.

The set menus are for 2-3 people, but more can easily be fed if you order from the a la carte menu or pack a few optional extras like ramen noodles or soup packets. Honestly, you can even have an extra bowl of rice and taste the nuts on the refillable package banchan.

Fabulous dinner.
(Credit: Ann Doral/TRP)

Pair your meal with popular Korean drinks, whether alcoholic or not, and you’ll feel like the star of your own K-drama!

The prices here are definitely worth it for the quality of the food you get, especially when you can split the bill with the table. The tuning menu starts at RM90++, but it is actually one of the most affordable options as the a la carte menu alone starts at RM25++.

All in all, MiMi Korean Restaurant is a must-try for those who really love Korean food, but it is also a worthwhile restaurant for those who just want very good and satisfying food.

The exterior may look modest, but don’t judge the restaurant by its signage.
(Credit: Ann Doral/TRP)

Mimi’s Korean Restaurant
Open daily from 6pm to 10pm

CG, 19, Jalan PJU 1a/3, Taipan 2 Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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